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Some Suggestions about RO Imperial Coins Seller Been Spamming

The imperial coins seller been spamming ...I block bounce of them yesterday and today more you can barely see the level chat some even using world chat...its to early for them to show up.

Revelation Online Open Beta & Early Access

While Open Beta begins on March 6th, Founder's Pack owners will be able to enter the game on February 27th as part of a Founder's Pack-exclusive head start.

Revelation Online Reveals The Foxes

One with the inherent beauties of fabricating massive worlds for MMOs and MMORPGs is usually that the games can build entire races to fill their worlds. It is these races that players either can play as, or talk with as the game keeps going. So, any time a new race is revealed, it’s an issue. Such happens today, as Revelation Online has unveiled precisely what is one with the oldest races of their title.

Revelation Online Reveals Trading System Part 2

Revelation Online may be going deep in the systems and information of its world, Nuanor. Last week, they brought up the currency which you can use in the game. Now though, the c's have gone even deeper in the economy from the game, revealing various types of transactions that can be done in it.

What Do You Know about the Trading System in Revelation Online?

Revelation Online has entered Second Closed Beta since December 20th. For players who recently start off in this game, the state team has posted a piece of writing about various kinds of its in-game currencies.

Revelation Online Giveaway Second Closed Beta

We're hosting another Revelation Online giveaway, to coincide while using upcoming second Closed Beta phase. This session is defined to begin on December 20th and continue throughout January 3rd, 2017.

Revelation Online Second Closed Beta On December 20th

The new fantasy MMORPG Revelation Online will commence its second Closed Beta Test on December 20th, 2017.

Meet World Bosses in Revelation Online

There are 6 world bosses easily obtainable in Revelation Online. Players will find their spawn areas in the spotlight. Spawn times can differ. Sometimes, sixty minutes. Sometimes, for a longer period. Every week, guilds will fight the other for the right ahead up against the planet boss. Only the bravest warriors can fight against the entire world boss.

How to Win a Free Key for Revelation Online Beta

Revelation Online is a free to play MMORPG in which players get to experience the massive open world of Nuanor. It’s developed by NetEase, the same company that is responsible for publishing within China. Besides NetEase, there is who is responsible for publishing the game to the rest of the world.

Revelation Online Release Date Gameplay and Update Most Anticipated MMORPG of 2017

The latest trailer for that upcoming MMORPG "Revelation Online" has become released also it features the game's glass cannon class, the Battle Mage. The video happens to be a step forward to prove that "Revelation Online" is often a candidate being the best MMORPG in 2017.

Dungeons along with the Trial with the Four Kings in Revelation Online

We discussed the storyline questing and factions in Revelation Online yesterday. Today, we'll discuss its dungeons as well as the global ratings.

Revelation Online CN New Class Assassin Has Stunning Skills

Revelation Online's new class Assassin will be added to the game's Chinese version in December. The team says they'll start Assassin's second PTR test next week and a new preview video has been released on its website.

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