Dungeons along with the Trial with the Four Kings in Revelation Online

GM2V Date: Nov/28/16 13:38:08 Views: 1125

We discussed the storyline questing and factions in Revelation Online yesterday. Today, we'll discuss its dungeons as well as the global ratings.

Regular dungeons are targeted at 5 players: an aquarium, healer and three characters, whose main objective is usually to inflict maximum damage within the enemy. The first five-player dungeon becomes available at level 20. It has two difficulty levels and heroes can get two major bosses inside. The most challenging are seen as the dungeon for raid groups which include ten players. This is a real challenge for many PvE fans. Successful completion requires knowledge of tactics in the group to yield the greatest results. Often, just one single mistake can result in the death connected with an entire team.

To fine-tune character management skills while gaining experience and useful rewards, heroes can undergo challenges inside the Trial in the Four Kings arena. The 200 top-performing players through the entire server will likely be listed inside Global Skill Rating. You can find the names with the best players among every one of the classes, and put into each separate class. As well as in-game ratings for solo arenas, you'll find ratings for completing dungeons in groups, achievement points plus much more. Guilds in addition have a special rating system from the game. Large groups is able to keep track of how their competitors are doing and fight to the top spots around the ranking tables, demonstrating clan success in sieges and also other events.