Revelation Online Reveals The Foxes

GM2V Date: Jan/03/17 14:25:10 Views: 1415

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One with the inherent beauties of fabricating massive worlds for MMOs and MMORPGs is usually that the games can build entire races to fill their worlds. It is these races that players either can play as, or talk with as the game keeps going. So, any time a new race is revealed, it’s an issue. Such happens today, as Revelation Online has unveiled precisely what is one with the oldest races of their title.

Simply called The Foxes, they’re a race of beings that have apparently been known for quite some time. Though, as being the Revelation Online team notes, they don’t look earliest pens. Much like Elves for most lore, the Foxes are eternally young, and therefore rarely, at any time, show their true age. Furthermore, the Foxes are versed in magic, as they possibly transform into other animals, and in addition they work hard to refine that skill.

What might be the most fascinating part though is simply because talk within a unique way, so even when you miss their fox ears, a conversation will let you know you’re conversing with one. Also, they’re tricksters and quite often will play pranks using a traveler as long as they think it’ll be funny, or they’re bored. It won’t be evil, or malicious, these are benevolent. But that doesn’t mean they won’t have some fun.

The race lives in a village outside from the Immortal Annex. So it’s encouraged which you go and visit them on the journey. If you are able to have favor with him or her, you’ll acquire some items that can make you look similar to a Fox yourself.