Revelation Online Second Closed Beta On December 20th

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The new fantasy MMORPG Revelation Online will commence its second Closed Beta Test on December 20th, 2017. The first test ran from November 3rd to November 17th. This one will tell you the new year, ending on January 3rd at 12:00 CET.
Revelation Online CBT 2

This time around, the developers are boasting the full English translation on the story line nearly level 49. This will include side content including crafting, dungeons, PvP and mentoring. Their QA team continues to be hard at work addressing the down sides players identified with the first Closed Beta Test’s bug tracker. They desire to have all these issues addressed and resolved as soon as CBT 2 starts on December 20th.

The announcement from the beginning from the closed beta also notes two particular conditions have been resolved. Memory leaks and items missing through the trade window were reported by many players. The QA team focusing on Revelation Online is now assuring players these particular problems are already resolved.
CBT 1 Players Recognition

For all players who took part in CBT 1, the growth team is handing out access to CBT 2 too. Players do not possess their characters wiped, just for them to pick up right where they left off when CBT 1 led to November. Or, obviously, they could start a new character to find out the localization adjustments to the beginning stages of action.

Of course, if players wish to, they are able to always build a new character. The developers recommend the brand new Spiritshaper class.

CBT 2 Key Giveaways

The developers will automatically mention that they'll be giving away access secrets of their second Closed Beta Test via their social media marketing pages. Until December 10th, players can continue to participate inside Facebook contest, which we covered here. It’s an every day contest, for those times you don’t win today, you can attempt again tomorrow.

If you’re not the kind to leave things around chance, it's possible to guarantee your spot inside the Closed Beta Test by collecting a Revelation Online Founder Pack.