Revelation Online Release Date Gameplay and Update Most Anticipated MMORPG of 2017

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The latest trailer for that upcoming MMORPG "Revelation Online" has become released also it features the game's glass cannon class, the Battle Mage. The video happens to be a step forward to prove that "Revelation Online" is often a candidate being the best MMORPG in 2017.

"Revelation Online" is slated for Western release in the end of 2016 or early 2017. The Free to Play Chinese Fantasy MMORPG is published by MY.COM which recently unleashed the most up-to-date trailer for your game featuring the Swordmage.

Every MMORPG incorporates a glass cannon type character or class, and also by glass cannon, this would mean that the character can deal massive levels of damage to multiple targets simultaneously by utilizing nuke type AoE skills. However, it comes down at a price, these characters tend for being very fragile which enable it to easily be dumped if the opponent gets close enough fast. These glass cannon classes sometimes possess a slow cast time that may be interrupted because of the enemy, however, when the cast is productive, the harm dealt is going to be deadly. In the case of "Revelation Online," the Swordmage or Battlemage is the glass cannon as reported by MMORPG.

The Swordmage in "Revelation Online" utilizes thunder, ice and fire magic to demolish foes. The element you prefers strongly influences the play style the participant will have through the entire game. It follows that Ice magic will surely deal damage, however, it can be more of a disable skill with crowd control abilities. While Fire is basically damages dealing element. The Swordmage can cast fire spells consecutively, while using second cast costing no mana.

It you know that "Revelation Online" has prepared a great caster type class and this also MMORPG starts to look very promising. It is evident that this Swordmage has devastating damage abilities matched with crowd control skills to hold enemies from exploding. However, to balance out, the Swordmage is fragile and has now little to no defensive abilities. The moment enemies successfully achieve the Swordmage, death easily follows, therefore it really is best to use the movement skills that this class must evade enemy attacks and position oneself to safety.

Like in different other MMORPG, the mage class is valuable in parties because of their AoE damage spells and crowd control abilities. As reported by MMO Examiner, The Swordmage can disable enemies from afar allowing party members to rain damage upon them at a safe distance. This glass cannon boasts an ability to generate a safe environment for that party to permit recovery between battles.

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