Meet World Bosses in Revelation Online

GM2V Date: Dec/05/16 10:58:18 Views: 1170

There are 6 world bosses easily obtainable in Revelation Online. Players will find their spawn areas in the spotlight. Spawn times can differ. Sometimes, sixty minutes. Sometimes, for a longer period. Every week, guilds will fight the other for the right ahead up against the planet boss. Only the bravest warriors can fight against the entire world boss.

Players can earn approximately 11471 achievement points in Revelation Online at this time. Achievements cover every area of the game, you start with PvE and PvP right the way through to storyline quests, life skills and exploring different locations. The game has plenty of hidden deeds, the regards to which you cannot lookup in advance within the guide.

Revelation Online posseses an achievement comparison function now. Right visit another character to decide on this option inside shortcut menu and discover which player is a bit more advanced on this field.

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