Revelation Online Reveals Trading System Part 2

GM2V Date: Dec/30/16 15:56:26 Views: 1334

Revelation Online may be going deep in the systems and information of its world, Nuanor. Last week, they brought up the currency which you can use in the game. Now though, the c's have gone even deeper in the economy from the game, revealing various types of transactions that can be done in it.

First, are actions. These are only unlocked after a player reaches level 20. You’ll have the capacity to see all auctioned products in an instant by pressing the “R” key. However, if you would like sell your individual items though, you’ll must discover an auction employee. You can placed items many different amounts of time, but could only require prices between 10-200 Gythil Also, if you reach level 40, you’ll have the ability to access all parts from the auction from wherever you're at the moment. Thus giving you true usage of whatever you want to perform auction wise.

Furthermore, if you’re hunting for a more private affair, you can create the decision to attempt to trade/sell your items by having a private stall. However, you need to be level 30 and still have reached the other chapter on the Artisan Manual within the Chapter with the Nascent.

Finally, 1 / 3 option for removing items is usually to trade with NPC’s. There are many NPC’s that’ll have ties to numerous factions, this offers you many options to select from, and look for what you need. Also, there’s the Order on the Guardians, who give quests, and upon completion, will bestow great items and equipment upon you.

So, there’s a great deal of ways to get what you look for, or sell things you need in Revelation Online. More is resulting apparently, so keep tuned in for new updates.