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A Week In Review for Revelation Online

It’s time and energy to go over the events of Nuanor now. Revelation Online, the next MMO has latest features and content to elaborate on and announce. Revelation Online’s website has information around the costume collection of the week.

Revelation Online The First 30 Minutes Just Gameplay

Revelation Online is the modern MMORPG to use first closed beta. Made by NetEase and being brought west by My.Com, it is got further to go in relation to localization (much of the game is Russian and Chinese both). But this video provides good have a look at character creation, the opening story and tone, plus combat like a Swordmage.

Revelation Online will be open server at November 3 announced Revelation Online would enter its first closed beta on October 25, 2016 and last until November 03, 2016.

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