A Week In Review for Revelation Online

GM2V Date: Nov/19/16 14:31:58 Views: 1111

It's time and energy to go over the events of Nuanor now. Revelation Online, the next MMO has latest features and content to elaborate on and announce. Revelation Online’s website has information around the costume collection of the week.

The Gunslinger has this intense Flame Tunic to show off, with top, back, and side views with the fiery costume.

The upcoming game has a substantial amount of visual interest, that has a unique and vibrant art-style. There's also a part of uniqueness from the storytelling aspects in the game, as highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Quests are color coded to help make it clear the way in which story elements on the game will likely be prevalent for the reason that particular segment.

For instance, yellow points too a quest will focus on the sport's main story.

Violet quests are for training beginners. They help the gamer adjust to the mechanics. Orange quests are extra, and utilized to enhance your character by getting you to unlock special items and upgrades. Blue quests are from faction representatives and are familiar with increase reputation points. Finally, green quests are repeatable, and occur on either daily or weekly basis.

Revelation Online is set to get a Closed Beta sometime this coming year.