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New Elite Playoffs Players in NBA Live Mobile

2 New Conference Semifinal Masters and 12 New Conference Finals Elite players are crashing the court in NBA Live Mobile.

Earn NBA Live Mobile Coin by Collecting Trophy Collectibles

Life is a lot easier in the world of NBA Live Mobile when you have plenty of Coin to help you along. Usually you can earn NBA Live Mobile coin by collecting trophy collectibles.

NBA Live Mobile Legends: Allen Iverson and John Stockton

Today EA released two new legends in NBA LIVE Mobile. Play Legend John Stockton and Allen Iverson live events:

Game Experience of the NBA Live Mobile

Yesterday, I tried playing the NBA Live Mobile and today I will share my feelings about the first try.

NBA Live Mobile Madness Update

The program starts March 13th and will run the duration of the month so keep checking back for new details.

3000K NBA Live Mobile Coins Giveaway on Our Twitter!

Now were doing 3000K NBA Live Mobile coins giveaway, winner can get 1000K coins, if you want to join our giveaway, please follow our twitter (@gm2vglobal) and retweet to enter.

NBA Live Mobile Mobile Madness Program

EA released a new program for March Madness - Mobile Madness! The program starts March 14th and will run throughout the month.

6 Ways to Make Coins in NBA Live Mobile

As we know Coins is very important in NBA Live Mobile. You can use NBA Live Mobile Coins to buy good NBA players and open packs. And improve your NBA Team Lineup. There are 6 ways to make coins in NBA Live Mobile:

NBA Offers New Real-Time Mobile Basketball App That Syncs With Live Games

Mobile users may now compete for prizes within the NBA's new second screen app. The NBA has announced the production of NBA InPlay for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The real-time fantasy competition app syncs with live cable and satellite basketball games being played with a user's TV, supplying them the chance to earn points and win prizes.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 1.3.3 APK Download Latest Update Released for Android Devices

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is the foremost basketball game for Android at this time, plus the game received some pretty major modifications to the last few updates. The game is very polished with great gameplay which is one with the most popular sports games designed for Android devices currently.

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