The next season of NBA LIVE Mobile will be coming soon

GM2V Date: Oct/16/17 02:24:08 Views: 2030

The next season of NBA LIVE Mobile will be coming soon.On opening night, October 17th, you'll be able to log into the current version of NBA LIVE Mobile and play an 11-challenge event that highlights the teams with the best storylines heading into the new season. Each challenge will reward an NBA Tip-Off collectible that can be turned into sets that will reward a King of the Court pack that guarantees a 94+ OVR player.


Going forward, EA will be adding new events every day until the new season of NBA LIVE Mobile launches. Compete in as many as you can, and you may earn enough tokens for a Cornucopia or Kings of the Court pack!


Of course, Season Score has been extended, so if you are new to the game or want to try to get as many tickets as possible, keep going as hard as you can to earn more. Want to get more coin? Choose us, earn NBA LIVE Mobile coins to start a new season!


NBA Live Mobile


Here are some of the big new features that are coming in the next season.


A revamped lineup system, streamlining your experience

A brand-new way to improve your players and your team

Coaches and the introduction of team chemistry

Refined, more balanced gameplay

and more!