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How to Get Free Chaos Orbs and More in U4gm?

Join U4gm facebook group and we will give free 10 chaos for every new member, U4gm will offer give-away sometimes

The 10 Best MMOs of 2017

Sure enough, there weren’t many great new games to play in 2017. But we’re taking a look at the games we played, in beta and fully launched, and picking our favorites. Here are our 10 Best MMOs of 2017.

Path of Exile War For the Atlas & Abyss Challenge League First Impressions

This article will be about my personal experience with the 3.1.0 Path of Exile update, and currently my personal experience lacks perspective on the endgame War for the Atlas content. With that disclaimer out of the way, lets take an analysis of the other changes.

5 Best League Starter Builds for 3.1 War for the Atlas & Abyss League

With all the new upgrades, you need to have a good league starter build. A good league starter must be budget friendly, easy to level and must be able to take on most of the content that the game has to offer. Following are the five best league starter builds for 3.1 War for Atlas and Abyss League:

The Path of Exile China Second Season will be Coming in December

Path of Exile China released on August 4, 2017. The second season will be coming in December. Let's look official trailer. It's the same as the english version. Just with subtitles.

How to Level a Bow Build in Path of Exile?

Bows is an item class of two-handed ranged weapons that require dexterity to equip. Leveling up as a bow character is really not that bad. Here are basic quick guides for ele bow/bow builds:

40 Useful Tips for Path Of Exile "War For The Atlas"

With War For The Atlas around the corner, there are some nice little tidbits that you need to know about the game before you dive into the action. Here are 40 tips that will help you out.

Path of Exile "War for the Atlas" will be coming to Xbox One in December

Grinding Gear Games released The Fall of Oriath expansion on Xbox One. War for the Atlas is coming to Windows PC on December 8, 2017 and shortly after that to Xbox One.

Path Of Exile "War For The Atlas" Expansion Is Coming Next Month

Having released its last expansion in August, Path of Exile is now receiving its next one called "War For The Atlas".

What to Expect from the 3.1.0 Path of Exile Update?

Rumor has it that Path of Exiles 3.1.0 update is just around the corner with the development plan scheduling the release December 8th. This will allowing us to reign in the holidays in more and exciting content.

When is Path of Exile Going to Update It's Trade Infrastructure?

An auction house or a market place has been a source of debate within Path of Exiles player base for years. Perhaps now that PoE is settling back into a firm location developmentally, we can hope for a future release of some form of a marketplace.

Path of Exile Update 3.0.2

In the previous weeks, we were talking about updating path of exile. It has been updated successful and list of all the updated features is given below:

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