How to Get Free Chaos Orbs and More in U4gm?

GM2V Date: Jan/15/18 03:54:41 Views: 1212

Join U4gm facebook group and we will give free 10 chaos for every new member.


Get Free Chaos Orbs


And U4gm will offer give-away sometimes, for example


①. Thanks again for your support, we gona make a new giveaway, make a new post with screenshot of the best equipment your character is wearing, we will pick up 5 to share 1000 chaos. All the members who have make this post will get the chance to win, So everyone is enthusiastically participating in the post. We'll announce the results in 5 days.


②. Please post screenshot of your character passive skill tree( pob screen works too).After 72 hours, we will choosing 4 winners by spinning wheel from all posts to Split the 800 chaos on average. Tips: Don't comment here and make new post of screenshot :)


Thank you for supporting us, enjoy your games.