5 Best League Starter Builds for 3.1 War for the Atlas & Abyss League

GM2V Date: Dec/18/17 21:01:26 Views: 1069

Path of Exile is an outstanding RPG game with great character customization and competitive PvP. Recently, on 8th December 2017 Path of Exile launched its seventh major expansion called the War for the Atlas. Alongside the War of Atlas, Abyss league was also introduced. The Elder- a new main antagonist was introduced in Path of Exile. War for Atlas also introduced 32 new maps with completely different themes and bosses. With all the new upgrades, you need to have a good league starter build. A good league starter must be budget friendly, easy to level and must be able to take on most of the content that the game has to offer. Following are the five best league starter builds for 3.1 War for Atlas and Abyss League:


War For The Atlas Builds


1. Bleed Slayer


It is a beginner friendly bleed build. It is very rare to find a functional, powerful, bleed-based build these days. The build is also easy to level which ensures you get a smooth start in the league. If you prefer that feeling of being intimidated or daunted, this is perfect for you. This build is not only feasible in both softcore and hardcore but also in Atziri, Uber Atziri and Uber Izaro as well as Shaper viable. It has great boss kill capabilities and has good clear speed. This build also promotes different playstyles to make it easier to find your exact preference.


2. Dark Pact Totems Scion


This build was very popular in 3.0 and there was a good reason for its popularity. DP Totems gained its popularity because it can pretty much do any content and it has the ability to do it impressively well. The build revolves around the unique item called Soul Mantle. It is considered as one of the strongest uniques in the game and that is because it provides a huge damage boost by itself, not only that but it has also the ability to spawn a third totem which results in further damage. It also increases your totem life. All this comes with a huge drawback which is that every time your totem dies or expires, you will receive a random level 20 curse which will be applied to your character. This can be counter with the unique ring called Kikazaru. With two of these rings along with Scion’s guardian ascendancy, you will be completely immune to curses which is the reason as to why this build is still on the top.


3. Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster


Unfortunately, when you are watching the build on a video to determine how it works and everything it might look a little slow, but I can or anyone who has played Essence Drain Contagion and have gotten up to high levels can agree with me on this that the whole experience of actually playing the build as compared to watching it, is completely different. It feels very fast and smooth when you are playing by yourself. It can be comparatively slow in the start but once you get the hang of it, it can clear monsters multiple of screens away with a single essence drain projected and spread by the Contagion, you will be blown away. It has insanely high exp/h gain. It also allows you to level as itself and does not require any external abilities.


4. Elemental Blade Flurry Inquisitor


This build is made to curve out pretty much from the first level to the complete end of the game. It is an all around feelgood build. The great thing about this build is that it has no limitations. It has impressively high damage and can be compared to the strongest builds out there. It is cheap and smooth with high map-clearing speed and strong defenses which makes the build feasible for hardcore. If you plan to invest some PoE currency in this build, then this build has the potential to do some serious damage.


5. Arc Witch


This build is formed around the arc skill. This build is very cheap and easy to get going. It is a good choice for solo self-found players who are not a fan of trading items with other players. You can farm the items yourself which are needed for this build. This build scales well when it comes to high-level mapping but it is not a great boss killer. This build might not offer all the content, but the guide is so well written that it makes it perfect for teaching the new players.