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The Best Games of 2016: Forza Horizon 3

After winning contests exclusively on PC and Nintendo 3DS for some of this console generation, I determined earlier this year to obtain an Xbox One S. Somewhat predictably, it doesn’t visit a lot of use since PC remains my platform usually chosen

Microtransactions Come to Forza Horizon 3

Can’t be bothered to essentially play Forza Horizon 3 to obtain the best cars? Well, shame for you! But, when you really can’t wait to feature your dream car for a garage and don’t plenty of in-game credits, you’re fortunate.

Logitech sponsors new Forza Horizon 3 car pack with 1965 Pontiac GTO and Bentley concept

Forza Horizon 3 is usually a massively popular racing title to the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs that on it's own won the Best Racing/Sports category in the 2016 Game Awards. It’s plenty of fun out of the box, but it’s the continual stream of downloadable content (DLC) that can take the game to a different level.

Winter is resulting to Forza Horizon 3 together with the Blizzard Mountain update

It's the perfect time to start preparing for snow and ice in Forza Horizon 3, because winter is originating. Microsoft has announced which the new Blizzard Mountain update will hit the racing game on December 13, carrying new cars, challenges, not to mention, Blizzard Mountain itself.

Forza Horizon 3 Review Why The Game Is Getting Boring

Forza Horizon 3 continues to be dubbed the top racer ever and considered one of 2016's record-breaking games. Despite its honorable feat, there are many players who thought the experience is getting dull and boring. Here are a few main reasons why they say so.

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How to buy the Forza Horizon 3 Credit

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