All the Forza Horizon 3 Barn Find Locations With Videos

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In Forza Horizon 3, there’s a lot to discover when it comes to exploring things from routes, bucket lists and some hidden abandoned cars which Turn 10 Studios named ‘Barn Finds’. There are 15 rare and unique abandoned cars hidden inside barns beyond Australia. However, there’s a small catch to this: Firstly, you’ll need to progress through the game’s festivals in order to unlock the not so precise locations of the barn finds, you won’t get the accurate locations of the barn finds and this is what makes barn finds so exciting. As you’ll explore through every bit of Austrailia when finding these rare vehicles, it gets better. As you drive around and continuously make your way through the beautiful roads of Sydney, every hour or so you are going to notice small purple circles appearing on the map that highlights the surrounding of a barn in which you are going to find one rare vehicle. In this guide, we are going to cover all 15 of them with appropriate video tutorials as well to help everyone find them with ease.

We are listing the cars in the order they arose in our game session. However, if you’re looking for a specific one, feel free to skip through the ones you’ve already unlocked.

Ferrari Dino 246 GT




Study the map and find the “Dry Reservoir” text. To the east and somewhat south of the text of the barn find spot. If you begin from the center of the hint circle, it’s northwest encompassing the point where the field connects the tree line. As you join in on the barn you will see a water tower and some conventional farming tools nearby.



Lamborghini LM 002




Find the Silver Sands Shipwrecks next to the map to locate the barn just west of the middle of the hint circle. You should notice the barn in an extensive clearing before connecting the tree line. There isn’t much around the barn so it shouldn’t be hard to obtain. Fact: the LM 002 was the very first four-wheel drive Lamborghini ever made.



Meyers Manx




The Meyers Manx is located in approximately the same sphere as the Lamborghini LM 002. This one is placed west of the Silver Sands Shipwrecks. To the south of the barn, there’s a freeway that operates east-west if you’re having difficulty locating it. Utilizing the hint circle to discover the barn would make it easy, it can be found on the north side of the circle in close proximity to a second barn and a few sheds.



Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon




The barn for this vintage vehicle is located merely west of the middle of the hint circle. If you stare at the map you’ll notice dual dotted roads. The barn is found toward the edge of the road on the west side of the hint circle. You can also obtain the barn by finding the Maroondah Reservoir and the barn is located to the east. There are two twin storehouses right next to the barn that should make it pretty easy to locate.



Reliant Supervan III





You can discover this rare vehicle just east of Redstone Airport. Staring at the purple hint circle, the barn is to the direct south of the center of the circle, on top of a hill. You shouldn’t have excessive trouble locating the barn, but there’s only a single dirt path that points to the barn to make it easier.



Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350




Positioned nearby the Reliant Supervan, the Holden HQ Monaro can be discovered at the southern area of the Redstone Airway, which is also just south of the center point of the hint circle. The barn lies very close to a group of sheds, which should help you find it a bit easier.



Holden 50-2106 FX UTE




Make your move to the Parkes Satellite Array, then travel north to discover the location of this one. If you’re utilizing the purple hint circle, the barn is placed east of the core point of the circle. This one can be a little difficult to attain because there are quite a few barns in the area. The one you’re looking for is next to the massive body of water, so disregard the others.



Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van




Head up to the Rainforest, then make your move south to find this barn. It’s merely southeast of the center point in the hint circle to make it simpler to find. The barn is the just a construction in the direct area, so it shouldn’t be too tough to find. There are some tall trees, but otherwise, this barn is separate.



Toyota FJ40




This one can be found at the northern side of the Pink Lakes on the map. If you’re utilizing the purple hint circle you will discover the barn to the far north of the core point. The barn is placed on a hill near a few miniature sheds on the cliffside.



Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi




You can discover this barn on the distant west side of the map. From the core point of the hint, circle head to the west and tailgate the unpaved road to the edge. The barn housing the car is placed is near to the few silos and some hay, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.



Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec




In my opinion, this barn find was one of the most exciting for me, because out of all this one is very interesting. Anyway, to find this one move to the core of the hint circle you can discover this barn to the northwest. It’s positioned between the Rainforest and Twelve Apostles, near to the heavily populated trees. The barn is discovered near an old shed, but unless it’s in a fairly spacious area apart from the farms.



Ford XB Falcon GT




Utilizing the purple hint circle, move to north from the center till you reach an area south of Coober Pedy. The barn is found near the edge of the western dirt road (within the hint circle), near an open cargo container. There aren’t many distractions around the barn, so it should be easy to find.



Maserati A6GCS Pininfarina Berlinetta




Drive to the south of Kiewa Valley to discover this barn in the center of an exposed area and somewhat easy to spot. From the core point of the hint circle, it is just east, which also appears to be east of the freeway going north-south through the circle.



Jaguar MK II 3.8




This one is placed within the Twelve Apostles, on the north side of the area. You can locate the barn north of the core point of the hint circle, near to the coast. While the barn is by itself, there is a house nearby with some pits circling it. If you locate the house you know you are going in the right direction. The barn is merely south of the house.



Ferrari 166MM Barchetta




You can find this one southeast of the Parkes Satellite Array. From the core of the hint circle, head north to discover the barn north of the highway close to the road that moves through the uppermost division of the circle. There’s another barn nearby that’s a bit bigger than the barn you’re looking for.  If you are short of Forza Horizon 3 Credits, or just find the game difficult to play well, you can buy cheap FH3 Credits from us. U4GM is the best FH3 Cretids seller online.