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MU Legend (KR) Open Beta Preview

The Korean version of MU Legend launched in South Korea on March 23rd. I experienced the first time, I'm going to keep this short...

NBA Live Mobile Mobile Madness Program

EA released a new program for March Madness - Mobile Madness! The program starts March 14th and will run throughout the month.

My Feedback for MU Legend Closed Beta Test

As much as I enjoyed CBT1 and CBT2, I noticed some big issues:

Problems After Play MU Legend CBT2

Ok, I didn't play a lot in CBT1, only lvl 15. But I get to max lvl in CBT2 and here is the problem I found so far:

Some Suggestions about RO Imperial Coins Seller Been Spamming

The imperial coins seller been spamming ...I block bounce of them yesterday and today more you can barely see the level chat some even using world chat...its to early for them to show up.

6 Ways to Make Coins in NBA Live Mobile

As we know Coins is very important in NBA Live Mobile. You can use NBA Live Mobile Coins to buy good NBA players and open packs. And improve your NBA Team Lineup. There are 6 ways to make coins in NBA Live Mobile:

Revelation Online Open Beta & Early Access

While Open Beta begins on March 6th, Founder's Pack owners will be able to enter the game on February 27th as part of a Founder's Pack-exclusive head start.

Nostalrius & Elysium Gold Has Officially Launched

GM2V provide massive stock of cheap Nostalrius & Elysium Gold. Over time, our efforts turned into a successful, commercial online Nostalrius & Elysium Gold shop

Revelation Online Reveals The Foxes

One with the inherent beauties of fabricating massive worlds for MMOs and MMORPGs is usually that the games can build entire races to fill their worlds. It is these races that players either can play as, or talk with as the game keeps going. So, any time a new race is revealed, it’s an issue. Such happens today, as Revelation Online has unveiled precisely what is one with the oldest races of their title.

Revelation Online Reveals Trading System Part 2

Revelation Online may be going deep in the systems and information of its world, Nuanor. Last week, they brought up the currency which you can use in the game. Now though, the c's have gone even deeper in the economy from the game, revealing various types of transactions that can be done in it.

NBA Offers New Real-Time Mobile Basketball App That Syncs With Live Games

Mobile users may now compete for prizes within the NBA's new second screen app. The NBA has announced the production of NBA InPlay for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The real-time fantasy competition app syncs with live cable and satellite basketball games being played with a user's TV, supplying them the chance to earn points and win prizes.

The Best Games of 2016: Forza Horizon 3

After winning contests exclusively on PC and Nintendo 3DS for some of this console generation, I determined earlier this year to obtain an Xbox One S. Somewhat predictably, it doesn’t visit a lot of use since PC remains my platform usually chosen

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