Path of Exile on Xbox One Recieved Great Praises

GM2V Date: Sep/01/17 02:56:04 Views: 1052

Since Path of Exile was released On Xbox One which GGG called a hardcore Action RPG with an emphasis on character customization, item acquisition and deep replayability., a great number of players have experienced this version and given rave praises to it when communicating with GGG team on AMA. Given that the game on Xbox One are so popular among players, Gm2v are providing cheap and secure PoE Xbox Orbs. We are committed to offering best service!


Most of people who played POE on Xbox One gave many positive feedback in their comments. They regarded the Xbox One version as a funny, interesting and nice one. Here are what some of them said exactly: Just wanted to say I'm loving the game right now. It really scratches that itch for me; I am very glad this was released on Xbox, I have always seen posts about it so when I saw it in the store, I instantly downloaded it. 


Path of Exile Xbox One


From the above comments, we can easily see that how excited these players are when speaking of this version. Indeed, the game is so wonder because it is free to play and the quality is surprising considering the price. Besides, the game feels really nice on a controller. Many players hate mice because clicking to move has always pissed them off so they don't really like hotkeys on PC much and Xbox One would be the best choice for them. 


Although players don't hesitate to give very positive praises to Xbox One version, some problems were also pointed out, nearly all of them are constructive. For example, the Xbox version feels a little clunky. The tightening movement on the stick was also reported by some players who said it feels as if the release of the stick is delayed so it feels like guiding your character rather than you actually controlling them. It also makes positioning feel off since you have to account for that delay in movement stopping. Targeting system is another complaint because the precision with the analog stick can be a bit wonky. Some players said that they found their character sending a ranged attack at empty space despite they targeted the enemy.


One noticeable feedback is that a fan said that what is upsetting is that when he go on the POE subreddit or read YouTube comments on the Xbox trailers, there's a vocal minority of PC players who are mad that Xbox One players are in the game now and that GGG are putting resources into it. It seems that some Players on PC are unsatisfied or even angry with the releasing on Xbox One. In fact, Players on PC have reason to express their discontent: On the one hand, they are upset that the money they have been spending to support GGG are going to develop something they would never play and it is taking away resources from what they do play. On the other hand, they just want to take this opportunity to criticize GGG for not making so much effort they required to improve the game on PC.


What GGG said on this issue is that they have made an effort to not split out a separate Xbox One POE subreddit or website, etc. It's the same game and same community. They also give the reason why bring POE to Xbox One: As a relatively small PC developer, it's a lot easier to port a game to Xbox than PS4. The APIs and tools for PC and Xbox One are the same.


Have you played the game on Xbox One? Are you satisfied with it? Leave your comments please.