What Class You Guys Will Play Bless Online?

GM2V Date: Apr/11/18 05:29:16 Views: 2718

If a MMORPG is going to suck me in then it has to have some great characters. What class you guys will play?


Bless Online Classes


Guardian - Tank. This class is an extremely strong class as far as small scale PvP. In 1v1s, this class is King. They are CC gods (but require smart mitigation), have good attack and lots of defense. So, Gods, yes, but require lots of mitigation, lots. Arena is also where this class shines. Just go into Arena and CC lock and annoy the healer/healers as much as possible and you will mostly always win, as long as you have an Archer on your team who isn't a bad player. In Mass Scale PvP, let me make this clear, your job is not to do damage. Your job is to take all the damage away from the healers AS MUCH as possible and CC when you can. Do not be the guy in the Territory Wars trying to do damage as your guild will kick you out in about 5 minutes. You need to have to separate builds at the ready at all times; small scale and large.


Mage - DPS. Another VERY strong 1v1 class and very good for Arenas. Fire and Ice builds are King. You have tons of CC, LOADS of damage, and will constantly catch people with meteor if you mitigate your CCs well. In large scale your job is to CC and spam spells. Lightning and frost is the way to go for arenas and pvp in general (as @Kaiton11 pointed out), lightning or wind can be used in both pve and pvp, and also frost is really good against melee.


Paladin - Heal. This is a HEALING CLASS. You definitely can DPS if you want to at times but your main job is healing. Please do not go into this game playing Paladin thinking you will be on the front lines. You are a healer, and mostly single target but you do have some AOE that is effective. Mystic is the AOE healer of the game. I just want to make that clear. You can definitely hold your own in a 1v1 however don't worry. But again, player skill matters a lot and I will keep stressing this to you.


Zerker - DPS. Oh man, the problems with this class. I for one sincerely hope they fix this class in the so call "new new" combat update they are quote on quote doing. Let's start with the good: the class is an AOE DPS class and you have lots of damage. That's it. This class has very low defense, and has been nerfed in the rebuilt version of the game in many ways. Were they OP before the neft? Alright, I will admit it, yes. Let's just say they basically had a skill where you could CC about every 5 seconds with sometimes the skill getting reset automatically so it could basically be spammed in a way. This skill has been nerfed so it is no longer a CC but now a ground stun, where the player cannot move for about 2 seconds but still attack. This alone has gimped the class very heavily as that skill basically set up all your combos (so they actually hit). Right now it is nearly impossible to hit anyone with your skills especially mages (lord have mercy). However, and please read this!! in dungeons (pve), you need a zerker!! you cannot get around this!!!!!!!! do not do dungeons without a zerker especially at high levels!!!!! don't do it!!!!!!. Zerkers do basically all the AOE damage in dungeons and YOU NEED IT! You....NEED IT! Don't believe me? No problem my good man. I tried to warn you. People will join your party and leave without a Zerker. That was basically the only thing I could understand from the Koreans and Japanese players when they joined my party. They will say....."Zerker?". If you say no, they leave party. It's that simple.


Assassin - DPS. Very good class but low defense. Your job is to stealth and CC lock with big damage from behind. Pretty much all you will be doing in mass scale as well. From @Kaiton11: Assassin has an aoe poison build which can be used in 100v100 and pve trash mobs but its no where near the amount of aoe dmg a Zerker or Mage can pull off but they have some form of aoe. Also, they have a pull ability to group mobs or people up and an aoe skill which dots poison on all of them. Both Archer and Sin have crazy burst damage in single target but lack the sustained aoe dps Zerker and Mage have.


Mystic - Heal. Top AOE healing class. Vital for mass scale.


Archer - DPS. This class is RIDICULOUSLY good. This IS a 2 shot class and USED TO BE a 1 shot class before the rebuild and they nerfed this shit. Image walking, and all of a sudden your character falling to the ground from Stupid Stupid Stupid [Sniper Shot] outta no where. Yes, that used to be the game. Now, they nerfed alot of the Archer's skills but also added and changed up some, and it's still a very good class. Extremely strong and vital for Arenas and large scale.. Your job, set traps (now you can actually do it), drop smoke, and pump out that huge DPS. They also changed alot of skills from "charge up and wait" to an instant cast. It's extremely strong also VERY good for Dungeons and has a decent amount of AOE. Having this class is pretty much a yes for anything in the game.