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NBA 2K23 Dribbling Controls List

Here's a breakdown of all the dribble controls in NBA 2K23 on Current and Next Gen.

Lost Ark: How the current version can earn more Gold?

Gold in the world of Lost Ark has always played a significant role in players' lives. Without it, you won't be able to buy/sell things at auction and perform some other actions. With the addition of Tier 3 gear, gold has taken on an even more significant role, as it is now used for enchanting at certain stages.

Competing Day Big win party and also greatest 3-point shooter launched in NBA 2K

NBA 2K22 MyCAREER has an party for members to go to and even represent their partnership. Competi

How to complete the Lost Ark Magic Melody Sleeping Island Fairy quest?

Where can I get the magic melody of the Lost Ark? This may be an issue for one or another player currently on the It's Okay, Dear Fairy quest on the sleeping island. In the Sleepy Island Fairy quest, you not only have to find the three fairies and give the correct answer and Lost Ark Gold

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By Lyyn

100 Blessing of Xoph on Lake Of Kalandra SC
Delivery In 5 Hours
By Tara

10 Chaos Orb on Lake Of Kalandra SC
Delivery In 43 Mins
By Tina W

100 Offering to The Goddess on Lake Of Kalandra SC
Delivery In 10 Mins
By Jay Jay

40 Orb of Annulment on Lake Of Kalandra SC
Delivery In 6 Mins
By Ruben

2 Tempering Orb on Lake Of Kalandra SC
Delivery In 16 Mins
By Sebastian

100 Chromatic Orb on Lake Of Kalandra SC
Delivery In 7 Mins