How to complete the Lost Ark Magic Melody Sleeping Island Fairy quest?

GM2V Date: May/05/22 15:25:01 Views: 2188

Where can I get the magic melody of the Lost Ark? This may be an issue for one or another player currently on the It's Okay, Dear Fairy quest on the sleeping island. In the Sleepy Island Fairy quest, you not only have to find the three fairies and give the correct answer and Lost Ark Gold, but after a successful fairy search, you can also get the quest Play a magical melody and collect the sounds of the forest in the secret area. Here's a quick guide since we're probably not the only players looking for magical melodies.

How to complete the Lost Ark Magic Melody Sleeping Island Fairy quest?

Get magic melody
If you find the three fairies on the sleeping island and give the correct answer, you will get the quest for the magic melody. The magic melody, in this case, is the so-called resonance song. One of the other players may have unlocked a song in the score. If you can't find the song on the sheet music yet, you have to go to his ship and head to a small island called Peyto. The island lies below Pleccia, east of North Fern. Once there, run up the stairs and head east to a businessman named Igean. You can buy Song of Resonance from Igland for 16,500 Pirate Coins. The Song of Resonance is a popular magical melody that can be used to complete the It's Okay, Dear Fairy quest.


Complete the Sleepy Isle fairy tale quest

With Song of Resonance in your luggage, you must now go back to the sleeping island to the east of the island (usually, some players are already waiting there). There are secret areas and now you have to play a song at the event's start. You can see when the event starts by clicking on the notification window in the upper left corner. Currently, events start 20 minutes after every even-numbered hour, e.g., 00:20, 02:20, 04:20, etc. The exact time is best obtained from the info window. If you play the magic song three times in the secret place, you will get the chest of sleeping songs and the forest minuet. With Forest Minuet, you can clear paths hidden behind tendrils and unlock new places.