Lost Ark: How the current version can earn more Gold?

GM2V Date: May/31/22 14:28:01 Views: 1192

Gold in the world of Lost Ark has always played a significant role in players' lives. Without it, you won't be able to buy/sell things at auction and perform some other actions. With the addition of Tier 3 gear, Lost Ark gold has taken on an even more significant role, as it is now used for enchanting at certain stages.

At the moment, depending on the player's luck, it will take from 607 to 1200+ gold to sharpen, say, one Antares item from +11 to +12.

Lost Ark: How the current version can earn more Gold?

It is for this reason that now the question "Where to get gold?" is more relevant than ever, and taking into account that we will most likely not see the next Tier 4 soon (even in the Korean version), it is better to try to deal with it once and for all.

In this article, I tried to give examples of various activities from which, to one degree or another, a player can get gold (whether it is worth performing certain actions depends only on you). Please note that the list below only reflects the basic options, not including shop selling, beginner "help", playing the auction house, and other such things.


Royal Orders - due to recent changes, you have to choose which activity to take every day.

Cube of the Ancients \ Guardians - 450 \ 650 gold falls out of the final diamond chest (it is what you need to aim at). It is difficult to give an exact answer to which cube you need to go through: the Keepers in the current realities are very easy to go through, while in the Ancients, there is a chance of a group wiping on the floor with a bunch of bombs.

Path of Trials - unfortunately, gold does not drop from the activity itself. Instead, you can sell the second-class engravings at the auction. For the complete passage of 15 rounds, approximately 5500+ seals are issued. This amount is enough for 7-8 books (they all cost 700 seals each). However, to at least compare with the income from the Cube of the Guardians, you will have to find engravings that are sold at auction for at least 56-64 gold. I generally keep quiet about the cube of the Ancients.

Everything is the same here: we farm resources, craft, and then sell. This method may turn out to be less profitable compared to the cube. For example, after introducing T3 content, I stopped going to the fields for the sake of purple cans of HP.

Weekly Guardians - this includes T1 and T2 options, although if you do not have enough tickets for T1, it is better to forget about them. We will consider only T2. After killing all the guards, the final chest will drop X gold (I don't remember the exact amount) and 12 uranium and 48 gallium. Actually, from all T2 Guardians, we get 48 and 192. We sell resources at an auction.

Halls of chaos - eight uranium and 34 gallium drop out from the event chest (complex \ event chaos), which we sell at auction. Three ordinary chaoses drop several diamonds and about 6-8 tickets to the labyrinth, but they have noticeably dropped in price and are best left for you.

Labyrinth and Nightmares- from the point of view of T3 gold, the labyrinth is interesting only due to pieces of equipment and passages to Nightmares. Equipment parts are exchanged for random chests with 600 body/gloves, then sold at the auction.

Since the update's release, the price has dropped significantly but still stays in an acceptable area from 35 to 40 gold, provided that they are bought in large quantities due to the double randomness. Perhaps closer to the release of the assassin, the price will rise.

Nightmares penetrations have also dropped significantly in price, to 50, but at a relatively low cost, they are still more profitable to sell on the auction. At best, in 1 pass, you will receive from 100 to 150+ gold (depending on the amount and "value" of the drop). The Nightmares themselves, in my opinion, are fickle.

Drops a ghost ship with a certain chance. After killing the captain, he is guaranteed to drop a very solid amount (alas, I forgot to make a drop screen) of uranium and gallium, several drawings for pumping a ghost ship, and T2.5 jewelry. Given Celeste- the reward is available to each character only once a week.

Gold does not drop out of the given itself. You will receive it when you sell uranium \ galatium \ blueprints (the latter have dropped significantly in price, at the time of writing, they ask for eight gold for one piece). If you are very lucky, the sale of the ghost ship will bring you about 20-25 thousand (alas, the price has dropped).

Cards- with the advent of T3 maps, players have become even more active in selling places on maps with secret dungeons. Three players bring the owner from 600 to 1500 gold per card, depending on the grade. Before doing something like that, it's best to get a new song from Yon's atlas.

Also, bags with solidarity fall out of the maps. We also sell it at the

Islands and Vanguard auction - as such, gold is contained in the drop list (you can find it in the notification settings, all such activities are collected there) of many temporary islands, but in different quantities. From this point of view, the Bolar \ Forfait Islands are still relevant.

From the "Vanguard of the Legion of Illusions" rift, you are guaranteed to receive 14 uranium and three gallium, which we sell at auction.

As you can guess from the text above, there are not many activities in the game from which the player immediately receives gold. I try every day to go through only the cube for the sake of gold, and I use the resources from the activities to sharpen the character (perhaps I'm afraid that's not right), and I do not experience a shortage of gold. Instead, you have to rely on the sale of resources for T3 sharpening unless you, of course, need them in large quantities.

Unfortunately, due to the human factor (if I may say so, of course), prices at the auction are constantly changing, and, say, certain individuals can sell X items much cheaper if they need money urgently.

On the other hand, it is for this reason that prices are likely to jump sharply closer to the release of Assassin in June.