Who is the Greatest Team of All Time?

GM2V Date: Jun/14/17 21:57:50 Views: 1302

GOAT players


Make your choice and relive history with the 9 NEW 96+ OVR Greatest of All Time players, led by the 99 OVR Larry Bird. Find them in Store Packs, Bundles, and Sets - available only for a LIMITED TIME!


Form your Greatest Team of All Time with the new Greatest of All Time Bundle that features one guaranteed 96+ OVR Greatest of All Time Player and 11 Greatest of All Time packs. Each pack has a chance of containing a Greatest of All Time Player.


Here is the full list of the new GOAT players and their ratings:


99 OVR Larry Bird '86 (Defensive Lineup; SF)

98 OVR Isiah Thomas '89 (Defensive Lineup; PG)

98 OVR Magic Johnson '87 (Shooting Lineup; PG)

97 OVR Robert Parish '86 (Shooting Lineup; C)

97 OVR Joe Dumars '89 (Shooting Lineup; SG)

97 OVR A.C. Green '87 (Defensive Lineup; PF)

96 OVR James Worthy '87 (Two-Way Lineup; SF)

96 OVR Kevin McHale '86 (Small Ball Lineup; PF)

96 OVR Bill Laimbeer '89 (Small Ball Lineup; C)


Will you be adding any of the GOAT players to your lineup?