Playoffs Conference Finals PlayerUP

GM2V Date: May/20/17 09:21:39 Views: 1138



New Playoffs PlayerUP are available in the store for a limited time. PlayerUP players increase their ratings depending on their real life performances.


Here is a list of all the new PlayerUP players and ratings: 


88 OVR Kyrie Irving (Defensive Lineup; PG)

88 OVR Klay Thompson (Small Ball Lineup; SG)

88 OVR Draymond Green (Two-Way Lineup; PF)

88 OVR Kyle Korver (Big Man Lineup; SG)

88 OVR Al Horford (Shooting Lineup; C)

88 OVR LaMarcus Aldridge (Two-Way Lineup; C)

86 OVR Patrick Mills (Big Man Lineup; PG)

86 OVR Jonathon Simmons (Defensive Lineup; SF)

86 OVR Jae Crowder (Two-Way Lineup; SF)

86 OVR Tristan Thompson (Defensive Lineup; PF)

86 OVR Kelly Olynyk (Small Ball Lineup; C)

86 OVR Zaza Pachulia (Shooting Lineup; C)


Will you be adding of these players to your lineup?