Problems After Play MU Legend CBT2

GM2V Date: Mar/06/17 14:58:00 Views: 1073

Ok, I didn't play a lot in CBT1, only lvl 15. But I get to max lvl in CBT2 and here is the problem I found so far:


1. If you dc from the dungeon, there is no way for you to go back in! This is very annoying when you try to do those daily limit dungeon like Dragon's Heaven or Gem Mine etc.


2. Party search: ppl just don't use party search and prefer shout outside the dungeon. I don't know why.


3. Auto party system is too complex. Instead of choose 5 difficulty levels then find the party, you should let ppl use auto party system get a full party then decide which difficulty they want to join.


4. Auction House: No auction house force ppl to shout in world channel for WTS and WTB. It is very annoying.


5. PVP rewards is pointless: 100 magic gem for each win? I can easily get 20k+ from Gem Mine and rifts every day. Why should I bother those few hundreds from solo pvp? Didn't try AoS so no comments on that.


6. Skill gems are too rare even for the uncommon one. Maybe I didn't get that far yet, but with 65/62, I only got like 5 or 6 uncommon skill gems for my own use. Not mention rare and above.


7. Pets, the same problem as Skill gems. Heroic pet box = uncommon all the time. Not a single rare or heroic pet from it.


Well thats it. Hope they can improve the game.


MU Legend


MU Legend will first start open beta in South Korea on March 23. Judging from the pace of previous global closed beta tests, I think international version will enter open beta around April.