My Feedback for MU Legend Closed Beta Test

GM2V Date: Mar/11/17 13:53:34 Views: 1105

As much as I enjoyed CBT1 and CBT2, I noticed some big issues:


MU Legend Feedback


1. I haven't noticed any differences between CBT1 and CBT2.


2. The game uses way too much CPU power. My i5-4590 is maxed out or at least 90% all the time, even at the title screen. The only people who don't seem to have this problem are i7 users.


3. GPU is fully loaded by default. My GTX 1060 ran at like 84°C before I found how to lock the fps at 60 with V-Sync. But even that doesn't seem to be enough as there are often way too many people on the screen to hold a steady 60fps.


4. The game runs very smooth at launch, but after every 30 minutes the fps will drop to unplayable state (like 10fps). Many people including me have to quit the game and start it again whenever that happens. I really hope you will fix this in OBT or launch.


5. The Blood Castle countdown starts BEFORE the whole party enters the dungeon. This often leads to 30-40 seconds deducted from the results, which is very discouraging.


6. The word "auto" is censored in chat. Please fix your word filter.


7. When you move from a map to another, if you click on a dungeon (for example a rift) before the whole map is fully loaded, you will enter the dungeon immediately instead of getting the screen to pick difficulty and party. I accidentally wasted an entry for Dragon's Haven because of this. Please fix it.


8. The fonts used in CBT1 looked very nice, but now all the fonts look like Arial. Why changed the original when it was much better?


Well, that's my feedback about the game. I'm addicted and wating to play again and see the differences.