Felmyst TBC Server Impressions

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World of Warcraft has made a massive impact on society. Lots of people, including celebrities have managed to play and enjoy this game for years. But the reality is that WoW has changed a lot during all these years. This is why some legacy servers are trying to roll back the game to its original, 2004 version. Those were some rough days, but then again there are people that want to enjoy some vanilla gameplay! Felmyst is a great server that manages to take things one step further. It managed to recreate the game the way it was during the launch of its first expansion, named The Burning Crusade.


The thing to note about Felmyst is that it had a very long development and now that it's out, people are very happy with it. While trying Felmyst, I was quite impressed with the uniqueness offered by this gaming experience. There's no denying that the game ended up a whole lot harder during those days.


Felmyst TBC Server Impressions


So yes, the first thing I got to see here is that the game is way harder than it is now. But then again, Felmyst was created with the idea that you need to get a ton of content and you are bound to enjoy everything more, mainly due to the added difficulty.


But those that played TBC back in the day will see that there is no meddling with any settings. Some servers will boost the player damage, or the enemies are buffed, others even add an increased experience gain. Felmyst is not like that, instead it just keeps things as they were back in the day. That is a great thing because it's a more realistic and nostalgic experience.


If you fail to remember how things were back then, let's think about it. Spells, as well as skills, needed a trainer purchase; you couldn't learn them automatically. You had to stop and regain mana as a mage, and even melee attackers had to stop from time to time due to the stamina consumption. 


While playing Felmyst, I had a lot of fun, and I also enjoyed the same old experience that you would want to have from legacy WoW. One thing is certain, Felmyst is one of those projects created out of love by the community, and you can see that.


Registering for Felmyst and downloading it is very fun. The problem is that this is a free legacy server and it's also an unofficial one. Yes, the servers are very stable, and the experience was very fun, but legacy servers that aren't official tend to be closed down by Blizzard. So, while you can try this, don't start sinking too much time into it, as the servers can be shut down forever. Still, the game is as amazing as it once was and you are going to have a ton of fun with the entire experience. I had, and I would recommend all the WoW nostalgic that liked the vanilla or TBC version to check Felmyst out! Felmyst will be released on Friday, July 21 at 3:00 PM EST. We are able to offer cheapest Felmyst gold for the realm.

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