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Crowfall is an upcoming MMORPG game developed by ArtCraft, described as a "Throne War Simulator". with the camera in a third person view with the player allowed to go anywhere. Where it differs is in the game's world system. There will be five systems of worlds, also known as campaigns. The systems will be "Eternal Kingdoms", "God's Reach", "The Infected", "The Shadow", and "Dregs", each with a different set of rules dictating them. Each world will also be procedurally generated, and will go through a cycle of life and death, starting with spring to summer, fall, and ending with winter. At the end of winter the campaign ends, and the world is gone forever, though the players will remain, allowed to travel to other worlds. Campaigns can last for 1, 3, or 6 months, to a year. The only worlds that don't die are the Eternal Kingdoms, where player housing is.

There are a number of different characters or archetypes planned for the game consisting of a mixture of humans, demi-humans and animal-hybrids. The archetypes include Champion (melee dps), Ranger (specialist), Druid (support), Confessor (ranged dps), Knight (tank), Templar (tank), Forgemaster (specialist), Frostweaver (ranged dps), Assassin (specialist), Myrmidon (tank), Legionnaire (support), Duelist (specialist) and Stalker (ranged dps).

In the new FAQ, "the crow fall" (Crowfall) for more details about the game world's producers customized and resetting mechanism, this is the game different from the general characteristics of MMO. "The crow fall" is a combination of strategy and MMO elements of the game, and the game world can be reset under certain conditions. Each server is a unique world, and will experience five processes: spring, summer, autumn, winter and victory or failure.

Game developers also released a series of new video, the game of the hero, "the men and the Army soldiers" and a lot of the game mechanism is introduced.
In the video, the producer of the game also said: "we are developing a different game. Traditional games have been used in the combination of the iron triangle model has been too common, and the "crow comes" the design needs to be different, because the scale of its cable can not be measured with a digital. Players need to consider in the game is not a large number and a limited role, it is necessary to master a set of skills, able to survive in a changing environment."

Depending on the world, there will be a different set of campaign victory conditions, along with the rules of the world itself changing depending on the campaign. After the campaign is over, players may go back to their homes in the Eternal Kingdoms, where there are its own set of rules as well.

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