The LoL Accounts 30k EU West is out of stock

Dear LoL player:

The LOL Accounts for 30K EU West is out of stock, if you want buy the 30K accounts, you can contact our live chat or message for facebook service before you buying.

And in site,The 20K Account,20 Champions and 30 Champions Accounts have enough stocks,you can choice this products :)

Please follow our facebook page and twitter page get more information about our site.

Have a good time :)


GM2V Team

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Cheap LOL LV30 Accounts for EUW and fast delivery
Cheap LOL LV30 Accounts for EUW and fast delivery

We have enough stock for League of Legends LV30 Accounts EUW,If you want to buy LOL accounts,you can go to our site,choose your server and buy it. We delivery the LOL accounts only 10 mins.


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Kindly Reminder

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.