Revelation Online Open Beta & Early Access

Revelation Online Early Access


After three Closed Betas, Revelation Online will finally be entering Open Beta On March 6th. That's right, the time is almost upon us. Soon, you will be able to keep any and all progress made in-game instead of having it wiped within around two weeks.


Unfortunately, the game will not be launching with French and German servers, but will be providing French and German players with "a free transfer tool" upon the release of said servers. This will allow them to play at launch without fear of having to start over.


While Open Beta begins on March 6th, Founder's Pack owners will be able to enter the game on February 27th as part of a Founder's Pack-exclusive head start. Additionally, name reservations will open on February 14th for Deluxe Pack owners, whereas owners of the other Founder's Pack tiers will be able to reserve their names at a later time.


You can read more about the impending Open Beta launch on the official website.

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Some Suggestions about RO Imperial Coins Seller Been Spamming
Some Suggestions about RO Imperial Coins Seller Been Spamming

The imperial coins seller been spamming ...I block bounce of them yesterday and today more you can barely see the level chat some even using world chat...its to early for them to show up.


Revelation Online Reveals The Foxes
Revelation Online Reveals The Foxes

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Revelation Online Reveals Trading System Part 2

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