Should There Be Auction House in PoE?

GM2V Date: Aug/30/17 23:37:50 Views: 1038

We all know that Auction House(AH) where players used to buy and sell items has been shut down by developer GGG. However, we can say Auction House had played a important role in this game and brought some convenience thus being loved by quite a few players. So many players still wonder why GGG removed it and even complain about this. 


Auction House in PoE


Those who support AH think a limited auction house would actually be way better for this game then what we have now. They believe there should be at least one AH for consumables such as maps and small orbs because it is such a pain to trade for these and an in house system could remove the horribleness of market fixing seen on They also gave examples: people put items on for a price way too cheap but never answer to whispers and so lure other players to also set their prices that low. This is a bad thing. However, this wouldn't be possible with an auction house because if they put the items on it with their cheap prices they would be sold automatically. AH would save so much time as you wouldn't have to message the first 20 people on the list who all seem to be afk.


However, many players point out the flaws of AH. Here are the reasons.


One the one hand , even now with people complain about item sniping, that some people who play the trading game using macros end up controlling a big part of the market by buying and relisting items. This would get even worse with an AH. Furthermore, an auctionhouse further encourages playing the trade game, instead of the real game. This is something the devs don't want. Even now it is very easy to buy op lvling gear for a couple c and breeze through a1-10. 


On the other hand, the more mandatory it gets. The balance between player progression and the environment is at a fine place right know. If you put in a little effort, you can easily reach T12-13 within a relatively short time. If trade gets easier, more people will trade and prices will be pushed down. Needless to say, the accessibility of gear will "explode". Easier trading and better accessibility of gear will affect the environment (monster damage/HP) - which, directly, will make trade even more mandatory-the center of all balance. Community activity and bartering can be encouraged without AH. For an example how something is on sale for 4 exa and you offer 3,5 and the guy says: it's a deal. That's a cool thing that would be lost with an auction house. Trade is the most powerful tool in this game. To make it too easy will hurt the game as a whole, and make the AH the center of everything. You can sell your items easier and sell your items easier, but the environment and the in-game progression will suffer. The balance is fine now.


As far as I am concerned, AH has both obvious advantages and flaws. Now that the developer has shut down it we would better let it go and not make argument on it. In fact, I think it would be better if there is a posting tool in game as a trading tool, much similar to PoE trade but with limitations on the amount of traded items per day. Besides, Some people above mentioned player shops. I would love to see that and believe it is a viable solution.Give players an option to make their hideout public, so when you find this person(either through third party crap or whatever), you can just click his nickname and then go to his hideout. Make premium stash tabs simply double size tabs, and give everyone access to the ability to set up a shop.