POE 3.4 Delve: The Complete Templar Inquisitor Blade Vortex Build

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The way to get an excellent practical experience within the early league has generally been a lively discussion by the players. Path of Exile is usually a game with many genres and rich gameplay. PoE's wealthy play components give players plenty of alternatives, as well as the use of builds can drastically improve the exciting from the game. The Inquisitor within this build can be a compound character, that is biased towards strength and wisdom. At the similar time, the sublimation talent is extra appropriate for the totem flow to build, plus the harm bonus for the totem and also the self-defense bonus is relatively higher.


POE 3.4 Delve: The Complete Templar Inquisitor Blade Vortex Build



This development will allow players to have a favorable scenario in the early leagues, and there will probably be a massive improvement within the latter stage, mainly employing Blade Vortex and Orb of Storms to enhance DPS, quickly and protected.




When the following mods exist on the map, it might impact the typical use with the construct. Please treat these mods with caution.


- Physical/Elemental reflect

- Players are Cursed with Temporal Chains

- Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Power Shield

- No Leech

- - X% maximum Player Resistances



The mechanics of this construct is uncomplicated, we convert physical harm to elemental and accelerate the crit likelihood, ideally, we should really have 90% elemental and 10% physical.



+ High DPS 

+ Rapid map cleaning

+ Friendly to players with low budget

+ Can kill shaper in 5 hyperlink



- not a tank, you must dodge some harm

- Really hard leveling since of low dexterity in starting

- There can be some unknown errors in hardcore



Talent Tree


skill tree 01~20



skill tree 20~40



skill tree 40~60



skill tree 60~80







1. Righteous Providence

2. Inevitable Judgement

3. Sanctify

4. Instruments of Virtue


Skill Links


Blade Vortex+Physical harm to lightning+Controlled destruction+Concentrated effect+Hypothermia+Critical damage


Orb of Storms:

Orb of Storms+Arcane surge+Power Charge on Important


Movement setup:

Shield Charge+Faster attacks+Flame Dash



Immortal Get in touch with lvl 1+Cast when harm took lvl 1+Blind up 20 lvl+FireStorm 1 lvl



Summon Ice Golem+Cast when damage took


Improved Duration:

Elevated Duration+Vaal Righteous Fire+Blood Rag


Some information about why we use Vaal RF and some additional

We are going to activate Vaal RF when we face the boss, this will raise our harm for a quick time, that will enable us just to a single shot any boss up to T14.


You may need to control your Arcane Surge mana expense trigger, it has to be reduced than the Orb of Storms mana cost. 


Prior to we are going to get the ring with Warlords Mark, we can use our herald of ice with Curse on hit and Warlords Mark.


Mods that we never would like to see on maps

- Physical/Elemental reflect

- Players are Cursed with Temporal Chains

- Players can't Regenerate Life, Mana or Power Shield

- No Leech 

- - X% maximum Player Resistances


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