POE 3.4 Delve: The Complete Guardian Aura Support Build - HC/SC League Starter

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Guardian Ascendancy got 2 new nodes, which buff the new Herald of Purity by an enormous amount. Basically, you'll be able to alter the tree a little, choose the two nodes and Herald of Purity inside a 4L (maybe essence crafted, so it could get a possible 5L) and carry maps by yourself at a slow pace. In this case, you would shed ES and Mana for certain, and also the pure assistance abilities would endure. Only do this, if you can't discover a carrier or when you are in really like with minions! 


POE 3.4 Delve: The Complete Guardian Aura Support Build - HC/SC League Starter


Vaal Talent Prevention time is now improved by ability effect duration -> Vaal Grace cannot be employed permanently any longer.



Shield Charge does not scale with regional attack speed modifiers on your weapon any longer. So Prismatic Eclipse is possibly the method to go.


Guardian Aura Help Builds Pros and cons


+ Exceptionally high offensive and defensive boost

+ 7-10k ES cost-effective (& ~1.2k life)

+ Very budget-friendly (you are able to start with a budget of 10c)

+ Very easy to get your Endgame equipment ready (more details in gear section)

+ Offers better defenses and offenses than a assistance with Shavronne’s Wrappings

+ Particularly good defenses vs chaos damage (a lot better than Necromancer -> Explanation in "How to deal with chaos damage")



- No regen maps are very annoying to run

- Gameplay is for some player not as smooth as Shavs support because chaos damage bypass ES -> have to take care of your life pool very rarely

- Need necessarily three uniques to get going (Alphas Howl, Prism Guardian, Victorious Influence)

- No curses any longer in the base setup, since I always had a curser with me - You are able to easily swap in 1 Curse, 2 Curses are possible as well in the event you take Whispers of 



Ability Gems and Aura Setup

Skill Gems Setup

Body chest: Wrath - Anger - Hatred - Clarity (level 1, higher should you get more mana with levels) - Flame Dash

Helmet: Purity of Ice + Purity of Fire + Purity of Lightning + Enduring Cry

Shield: Discipline, Haste, Grace

Boots: Vaal Haste + Vaal Discipline + Increased Duration - Bone Offering

Gloves: Stone Golem + Animate Guardian + Minion Life + Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

Weapon: Shield Charge + Fortify + Faster Attacks


Aura Setup



Guardian Gear Detailed Explanation



Body Chest: Victario's Influence (at least 5s) 

The Blasphemy is only used if your carrier doesn't need Hatred or another damage Aura. Otherwise, don't use Blasphemy!

Boots: Sin Trek (try to get a high ES roll)

Sword: Epheremal Edge or Prismatic Eclipse (3x green socket)

Shield: Prism Guardian

Helmet: Alphas Howl

Gloves: Rare ones with high ES + Chaos Resistance

Ring 1: Rare Ring with Chaos Resistance and Energy Shield

Ring two: Chaos Resistance, Energy Shield

Amulet: Chaos Resistance, Energy Shield, Increased Maximum Energy Shield OR Presence of Chayula (not needed, just Quality of Life) OR Blood of Corruption (Immunity to Elemental Damage - Vaal Aura)

Belt: Bated Breath or Ascent from Flesh or a rare Crystal Belt (Lot ES + Chaos Res) - craft if with Essence of Envy

Jewels: Conqueror’s Efficiency + Healthy Mind + Rare (Abyss) Jewels (eg. Energy Shield, Mana, Resistances, Dexterity, Chaos Resistance) OR Watcher's Eye (Gain 10-15% from Mana as extra ES) <- super expensive OR corrupted Jewels with reduced mana reservation (just some endgame possibility)


Divine Life Flask with immunity to Bleeding and instant recovery on low life

Stibnite with immunity to Shock

Ruby Flask with immunity to Ignite

Quartz Flask with immunity to Curses



Animated Guardian

Due to the high life regen gained by Guardian Ascendancy, you can use an Animate Guardian which offers a decent offensive boost and is nearly immortal. On my road to 100 my Animate Guardian only died twice, and I did really crazy double Beyond maps.




Helm: Leer Cast

Staff: Dying Breath

Boots: Victorious Flight

Chest: Ambu's Charge

Gloves: Southbound


Skill Tree and Progression

You can fully spec to support on level 70.


You can basically level with any spell, but I recommend you to search a friend for leveling together, since leveling support solo is rather slow.


Lvl 14: Grab the dmg nodes at the start and pick some life. You can level with Lifespring or +1 Fire/Cold/ Lightning Gems wand (eg Frost Bolt + Added Lightning Damage + Arcane Surge)

Lvl 25: Grab the Witch nodes, go for Elemental Overload if you're leveling solo. 

Lvl 40: Travelling continues.. nothing interesting

Lvl 49: Travelling continues.. nothing interesting

Lvl 62: Getting some Aura nodes and ES

Lvl 70: from now on you can go full support, and should equip all the required items - Take one Healthy Mind if you feel comfortable with, otherwise take it in higher levels

Lvl 83: Getting some ES, Mana - Use one Healthy Mind close to Devotion

Lvl 90: Take another Healthy Mind next to cruel Preparation

Lvl 100: Grabbing the most efficient mana nodes


Aura Setup while leveling

Take Anger as early as possible.


Otherwise, Auras like Haste, Discipline, and Purities may be useful while leveling.



Kill them all.



Normal: Radiant Faith

Cruel: Unwavering Faith

Merciless: Harmony of Purpose

Uber Lab: Bastion of Hope


Major: Soul of the Brine King

Minor: Soul of Shakari - You can swap it out with Soul of Abernathy on Burning Ground Maps (Never did it, just a Quality of Life)

Guardian vs. Ascendant (Necromancer) vs. Occultist

Here we have a little Rundown on the Features one can expect. The Values are for 140% inc. Aura effect on 6 Auras and 90% inc. Aura effect on the other six. All Buffs affect Allies.



+ Offers very high defense for yourself and especially the party (High flat ES, 9% to max Elemental Resistance, physical damage reduction, life regen)

+ Good speed and damage for the party 

+ Very easy to gear -> only requires cheap uniques and rares and no crafts to reach the full endgame perspective

+ Best defense vs. chaos damage (because of MoM) -> Coruscating Elixir is not needed!

- Not as much speed as the Ascendant(Necromancer)

Ascendant (Necromancer)

+ Offers average defense for yourself plus the party (7% to max Elemental Resistance, physical damage reduction, Flesh Offering)

+ Very good speed and damage for the party 

+ Mediocre to gear -> requires an expensive crafted helmet

+ Good defense vs. chaos damage (Coruscating Elixir can be made use of)

+ Has 2 curses in the base setup

- Doesn’t feel as smooth to play as the Guardian (way worse defense) 


+ Offers very high defense for yourself as well as the party (8-9% to max Elemental Resistance, curses)

+ Good speed and damage for the party 

+ Easy to gear -> only requires cheap uniques and rares and no crafts to reach the full endgame possible

+ Good defense vs. chaos damage (Coruscating Elixir can be utilized)

+ Has 4 curses in the base setup

- Reduced Curse Impact Map Mod is kinda trippy 


How much damage and defense do I actually offer?


Hatred: 83% of Physical Damage added as Cold Damage

Wrath: 328 Lightning Damage for Attacks, 48% more Lightning Damage with spells

Anger: 275 Fire Damage for Attacks, 222 Damage for Spells

Purities: 7-9% on all max elemental resistances

Grace: 5160 Evasion

Discipline: 423 Energy Shield

Haste: 30% Attack & Cast Speed & 16% Movement Speed

Vaal Haste: 56% Attack & Cast Speed & 23% Movement Speed



375-750 Energy Shield (depends on your level, in the 90s you only get Mana)

~1600 Armour

1,8% Life Regen for you - 3,4% Life Regen for the party

6% Phy's Reduction for you - 14% Phys Reduction for the party

Charge Sharing and Endurance Charge generation

10% spell block & block for allies and partially 50% block for you + stun immunity on a block


Animate Guardian

Increased Damage: 33%

Improved Cursed Effectiveness: 18% (nice for those who play together with a curser)

Improved Movement speed: 10%


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