POE 3.4 Delve: How to Easily Find Hidden Paths

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Within the Delve, the label of the room will appear around the map, but there is no direct passage to go. This demands the use of torches and explosives to explore. But we've got a technique to rule out which roads are likely to result in hidden rooms. This guide will show you tips on how to swiftly obtain the ideal path in restricted possibilities.


POE 3.4 Delve: How to Easily Find Hidden Paths


Start Seeking

We are able to see some hidden nodes when we explore the map, and you will find no apparent paths leading to these nodes.


Some are much more worthwhile, special nodes, like talisman or abyss.


The node asks you to blow up fractured walls to seek out a path to this encounter

It is an encounter just like each other node so far.

This implies that you will be at some point going to escort the crawler to it so as to claim your prize.

Thus, there might be a clear path among some other node and this hidden 1, where the crawler will travel.

So that you can determine where this hidden path is, we need to 1st consider how paths connect to each other. Listed here are some guidelines you'll be able to figure out based on the delve map:



The delve map is a grid 


four paths max to a node, 1 each direction, no diagonals.


1 path per non-node square, no overlapping paths


Nodes have either 1, three or four connections, but not two.


2-path nodes have a hidden, third path.

Dead ends never have hidden paths.


The way to uncover the true path

Probable paths



Because the rule: Nodes have either 1, three or four connections, but not 2.


So we are able to rule out the following possibilities



Obtaining the point in the map

Keep in mind that this node will at some point possess a crawler operating to it. This means the cart will lead out of your center checkpoint and towards the side with the map that goes within the proper direction.


The wall will probably be discovered someplace along the predicted path from the crawler.


If you are exploring, most of the time you could just rush into the darkness together with your quicksilver flask or movement ability, fill out the mini-map, then get back into the light and critique the mini-map. You aren't wanting to visually search the region. That little level of exploring might be adequate to find out if it really is there or not.


Do not neglect to upgrade your darkness resistance when you do this, although.


Now let's examine the remaining attainable paths one by one particular.


Path 1



No luck. There does not appear like there's a path within the appropriate path, towards the best proper. Of course, this element is often a straight mineshaft, but for those who don't find anything within around one particular screen of your candle checkpoint, then it is not there. Go to another attainable path.


Path 3



Very same issue. There is certainly no path inside the expected path, within the bottom suitable.

Go to a different achievable path. 


Path 2



We discover a path in the major correct? Let's throw down some flares and appear a bit additional!



Good results! Notice the rocky searching mini-map icon. It'll show up when you get close sufficient to it. 


Test your findings

Now you might have discovered the wall, you will need to bring flares to survive and a few dynamite to bring it down. Dynamite now one-shots walls every single time. That implies that the number of dynamite is almost certainly one of the most valuable upgrades, although they could apparently be employed to deal tons of harm to mobs/bosses.


Now you might have found the wall, you will need to bring flares to survive and a few dynamite to bring it down. Dynamite now one-shots walls each time. That implies that the amount of dynamite is likely one of the most valuable upgrades, even though they could apparently be made use of to deal tons of damage to mobs/bosses.



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