POE 3.4 Delve: Delve Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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This beginner’s guide for Delve incorporates all of the new game features and what it takes to begin grinding this expansion. Delve is the initially “endless dungeon” of Path of Exile. The base mechanics are easy, the additional you go the larger the challenges you will have to face to continue together with your adventure.



Content material:

☆ Niko the Mad

☆ The Mine Encampment

☆ Voltaxic Sulphite plus the Subterranean Chart

☆ Azurite plus the Voltaxic Generator

☆ Resonators and Fossils

☆ Timeworn Reliquary Keys


Niko the Mad

As soon as you enter The Coast you will discover “Niko the Mad”. He will ask for the enable exploring the Azurite Mine in an effort to get the valuable Voltaxic Sulphite. In all Wraeclast you can find chests of Voltaxic Sulphite, click them and Niko will show up giving you Sulphite as well as the possibility to enter the Mine Encampment.


The Mine Encampment

The Mine Encampment is often a new location where you'll be capable to manage almost everything related to the Delve, as soon as inside you'll be able to:

- Talk with Niko to buy Resonators in exchange for Azurite.

- Use the Voltaxic Generator to purchase upgrades and craft Delve related items.

- Open the Subterranean Chart and chose where to advance next.

- Or just enter the mine and it will take you the beginning regardless of how far you have explored.




Voltaxic Sulphite along with the Subterranean Chart

As previously mentioned you'll find chests of Voltaxic Sulphite scattered in each zone and map from the game. Gather as lots of as you could because this can be what fuels the Crawler.


Inside the mine The Crawler could be the most effective source of light, staying close to it's going to retain you secure in the Darkness and it'll guide you to the next waypoint. Preserve looking for this chests until you might have adequate to begin exploring. As soon as you are prepared to click the Subterranean Chart and it'll show you the map with all of the directions it is possible to discover and just how much Voltaxic Sulphite it requires to advance additional into the deeps.




The Delve functions with Checkpoints, similar to in-game zones, after you finish 1 you will have the selection to travel to that checkpoint and start out a brand new Delve from there. You have got a hand full of possibilities and everyone will provide you with distinct rewards. When the exile reaches the location and finishes fighting the pack of mobs guarding it, he will be rewarded with jewelry, armor, weapons or piles of Azurite.


Azurite along with the Voltaxic Generator

Go to the Voltaxic Generator and notice that Azurite is what will allow you to upgrade your Sulphite Capacity, Darkness Resistance and Light Radius.

You can also craft Flares and Dynamite, upgrade how quite a few it is possible to carry, their duration and radius.


The Flares will present a temporary source of light producing it possible to explore locations unreachable by The Crawler.

On the other hand, Dynamite will blow up walls opening the solution to hidden regions on the mine.


Making use of Flares or Dynamite may be tricky mainly because outdoors the safety in the Crawlers light, you've got only a few seconds just before your life starts to drop. Also, blowing up walls opens the path to packs of mobs. Make sure you prepare for the fight prior to adventuring into the Darkness.


Resonators and Fossils

Delve League also adds new currencies, Resonators, and Fossils. These will help you craft uncommon products.

Resonators differ from normal orbs simply because you modify the probable rolls by placing Fossils into them.


The extra sockets a resonator has a lot more customizable it is. This feature permits a greater likelihood to roll that ideal uncommon your construct desperately desires.

A list of each of the fossils currently in Path of Exile may be located here.


Timeworn Reliquary Keys

Final but not least, let’s talk about the Timeworn Reliquary.

When you played Path of Exile back in the Legacy league you understand what to anticipate. These keys are often exchanged to get a new version of a random Unique item, the Delve version. As opposed to previous Keys, these no longer roll Legacy versions of these Uniques.