Path of Exile Update 3.0.2

GM2V Date: Oct/13/17 21:10:27 Views: 1048

In the previous weeks, we were talking about updating path of exile. It has been updated successful and list of all the updated features is given below:


Path of Exile Update 3.0.2


Firstly, new languages like French, German and Spanish have been introduced. Now you can also save your auras and specters when you are logging out along with that now specters will not be reduced in accordance with the level and this is indicated with the help of the skill gem. In the past, there was a bug associated with the desecrate, which has been resolved and now desecrate only has the ability of monster creation based on the instances currently in use.


There are also two new unique items has been added known as the Malachai's Mark and Dialla's Malefaction. Also, now The Plaguemaw V Prophecy can be completed in crystal ore map/veins. For consistency purposes, some interactions among on-flask-use effects and unique belt Umbilicus Immoratalis has been changed. Other than that, various issues regarding the status of quest for standard characters has been resolved.


There are also some rare bugs which are also fixed. The list of those rare bugs is given as follows:


Bug where Cemetery maps could generate inside-out, rendering the majority of their terrain unwalkable.

Bug that could cause a player to have incorrect dialogue options available when speaking to Navali.

Issue where the quest tracker would not display Prophecies correctly.


There are other clipping issues with the Pitch Black Armour set and with the Raven Armour set which are also eliminated.


Moreover, now using a Portal in the Blood Aqueduct now takes you back to the Sarn Encampment, instead of to Highgate. Also, Efficacy Support now correctly supports Damage over Time effects and Kitava's minions are now properly killed off when Kitava dies. 


There are also some improvements made to the visual effect of the Dusk Weapon Effect on various unique items and audio effects of Volatile Core. Also, various client crashes have also been fixed. 


After the this update the quality of the game has been improved tremendously. We highly recommend to add this game to your game list and believe us you won't regret your decision.