Path Of Exile Is Better Than You See It

GM2V Date: Mar/26/18 04:33:53 Views: 1464

Today I had the opportunity to try one game, which is straightforward to overlook it, because I'm not happy with the dark atmosphere, but many friends have invited me to try it, the game is the Path of Exile. I agree that this game is better than you see it.


The Path of Exile is a Diablo-style game, and the atmosphere and mood of the Diablo II with the features of the Path of Exile. There are many systems that can be very exotic. I would like to start a career before it. Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar, Shadow and Scion. 



The game is divided into three lines of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. The first three is a pure line. The third career will focus on two states as well.


It is a skill that must be admitted to the Path of Exile. This skill is in the form of Gem. When we put the Gem in armor or armor, we can use that skill. 1 character can use all the Gem is not limited. The skill is not limited to the gem, only the status of the Gem that you want it to use it. Each Gem will be able to keep up with it. Gem high level means that skill. The high level with. The skill is stronger as well.


Each gem is equipped with a level gem. We will get a new flag. In addition to pressing skills. When you level up, you will receive points for Passive Skill or Skill. I do not have the skill to have only 10-20 skills offline I was a hundred. The first time I played it, I would like to go to the good that it is easy to find weapons that we like. And then up to the weapon, it's up to us to get up easily.


Another point that is considered to be a very prominent system for the path of Exile is the money system of this game is different from other games because this game is not called money is not wrong. Exchanging in the Path of Exile involves the exchange of necessities, such as exchanging money with a leaf or a warp, as interpreted as a great interpretation of a world that is going to collapse.


In the Path of Exile we do not have to buy blood medicine to fill the headache. Or just go to waste the channel just to find the blood. Mana bottle to take We used to wait for a moment, the blood will be full. The item itself is interesting. Items are divided into several levels, starting with the normal level of Magic, Rare level or unique level of each level is also sub-quality.


In Path of Exile, you can use unlimited skills. Weapons and armor are not limited to the profession as well. What do you think? Damage model in the path of Exile is more diverse than other games offline. In addition to armor, dodge or shield blocks from the shield, there is also an Energy Shield that damages magic damage. If the Energy Shield is out of range, you can continue to charge.


Another trick that makes the Path of Exile interesting is the upgrade item of the ordinary. To become a goddess, most items that drop is usually white. We can find items like Orb Of Transmutation. To upgrade from White's up to the level of Magic or Exalted Orb to Level Randal. There is a chance of gold, it's easy to listen to now, many people would think. This item must be purchased from. Items are wrong, these items are either beach sand from the monster or from the sale of items. Or buy from the NPC by using the Warp exchange.


In addition, there are also random items, plus quality features, which are all in the game, not to buy from the item. And yes, this item will be able to refill it. I do not sell it. I do not need it, I do not have to sell weapons as well. I do not want to see this game is not disappointing. This is how he will make money. I do not know how to do it. The more you see it, the better. Who are you? I bought a bag to add it. It is a skin type item added beauty. From Skins, Skins, Skill and Pet Solves offline.


Hard Game of Gamers Games that do not just refill the gods. And the more you have a passion for Diablo II, you should not miss the Path of Exile.