Path of Exile DxDiag Guides

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Usually, when people put up in the Complex Help part in the forum searching for enabling, they will be asked for any DxDiag. This really is shorter for DirectX Diagnostic report. It is actually a Windows utility accustomed to gather data practical for troubleshooting specified complex challenges. It mainly presents an outline of your respective computer's hardware, driver variations - that sort of the point.

Path of Exile DxDiag Guides

Creating a DxDiag
Initial, search your pc for Dxdiag.
The correct final result will say "Run command".
Is there a Run 64-bit DxDiag button? If that is so, click on it.
Wait around until finally the green development bar is stuffed and goes away.
Click to the Conserve All Facts... button.
I might propose picking to put it aside on the Desktop so it can be simple to seek out.

Displaying other posters your DxDiag
Double-click over the DxDiag.txt file to open up it.
Right-click and select Choose All, then right-click again and opt for Duplicate.
Go to Pastebin. This is where we will preserve the DxDiag.
Paste your DxDiag, then click the Create New Paste button.
Copy the URL in your browser's deal with bar and paste it into your post.
Reward points for those who pick out the URL, then make use of the URL button to really make it clickable!

Demonstrating GGG your DxDiag
It is best to be able to add the DxDiag.txt file being an attachment when sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Should you be struggling to try this or don't know how just save it on Pastebin (see the higher than) and incorporate the Pastebin URL in the e-mail.