How to Farm Uber Lab Effectively in Path of Exile

GM2V Date: Aug/29/17 03:25:56 Views: 1284

Farm uber lab is an important task which help you a lot in Path of Exile. Many players often farm uber lab but quite a few of them don't do it effectively. In terms of this issue, in many cases, the major problem is that they spend upwards of too much time per run. For instance, they always get all darkshrines and often get all silver keys, and end the run with 6-7 keys. This is wrong and takes them so long, so they shouldn't do like that. So how should they farm uber lab as quick as possible? What to skip? What not to skip? How long they should spend per run? Here is the advices.  




1. You should spend minimal time on trash mobs. Spend a lot of time per traps is not wise. Zerker is suboptimal because Vaal Pact and Aspect of carnage. You don't regen and you take extra damage from traps


2. Skip all trash just go for +2 keys and possibly darkshrines if they are on your route. When you do aw zerker (on sc idk if you are hc) you are able to do like 5-6min runs with 6keys on good days so you should be able to cut down your time quite a bit.


3. You probably need some kind of movement skill to quickly skip everything but the chests and shrines. Using leap slam with brightbeak and the att speed sword, which takes about 10 mins/run. When you've run the lab a few times on a day you get an idea where the extra keys are. Sometimes I can see what chest is behind the end of a puzzle before doing them (look over the walls if they are close). If its not a key chest you skip. If a lockbox is far off in a side area don't grab it and only do one extra key + Argus. Better in the long run imo. You would better not go for troves/emperor chests.


4. Memorize the layout of the Uber Lab. Look through related website to know what is the layout beforehand. You should only go for areas where there is potential key drop as you can see from the website with a cyan round letter icon. Once you got 2 key from Gauntlet and Puzzle room and 1 key from Argus, you can ignore the rest of the puzzle room and just leap slam your way till the last Aspirant Trial room. Know where is the exits to the next area and so on. If you notice that you will always come out from bottom of the map then you need to work your way up to top right or left, mostly top right.


5. Before you proceed doing the Gauntlet/Puzzle room, first you should take a peek of what is in the loot room and make sure the box inside is "Curious Lockbox" that drop Treasury key instead of "Labyrinth Trove" or any other boxes. Not all the time the "Curious Lockbox" will spawn in the same room.It is randomize and that is why you have to look what is in the loot room before wasting time doing the Gauntlet/Puzzle room.


In a word, farming uber lab effectively is necessary for you. To get it done, you should remember what you should finish as quick as possible and what you should give up with no hesitation. Just follow the above advices and adjust some of them according to your own situation. Hope you enjoy the game!