NBA Summer League Program Overview

EA released a new Summer League program that allows basketball fans to play NBA LIVE Mobile over the summer and get a preview of what their teams might look like come the next regular season.


Each week a new Summer League Hero between 97-99 OVR will be released and you can collect these heroes to eventually earn a 99 OVR Lonzo Ball Summer League MVP Master . Over 20+ NBA Summer League players have been added today and a new Summer League Hero will be released on a weekly basis. Summer League players are now available in the store and sets.


Let's take a quick look at the new players, sets, and live events for the Summer League Program.


NBA Summer League




Each week throughout the program we'll release a Summer League Hero which will range from a 97-99 OVR. You will be able to earn the 2017 Summer League MVP Lonzo Ball by completing the Summer League Master set. Here's the breakdown:


20 NBA Summer League Elite Players


Includes incoming Rookie players


84-89 OVR


NBA Summer League Hero player


Obtained in sets by collecting Summer League elite players


97 OVR


NBA Summer League Master - Lonzo Ball


Obtained in sets by completing 4 Summer League Hero sets


Summer League Hero sets reward token collectibles which unlock the Summer League Master.


Lonzo Ball 99 OVR with +5 boost to SHT and SPD


Live Events


We'll have brand new live event scenarios introduced with the NBA Summer League program. The Live Events will be located on the map for each of the three respective locations.


Events reward a NBA Summer League collectible which can be turned in to earn a NBA Summer League Elite player. These events will come and go so make sure to follow along closely so you don't miss any of them!




This program features three sets for you to complete. Here's how to do it and what they reward:


NBA Summer League Elite


Details: Turn in 30 Summer League collectibles (earned from Live Events) for an Elite Summer League player


Requires: 30 Summer League collectibles


Rewards: Elite Summer League player (84-89)


NBA Summer League Hero


Details: Turn in 40 Summer League Elite players to earn the Summer League Hero player + token


Requires: 40 Summer League Elite players (84-89)




Summer League Hero (97)


Summer League Hero Token


NBA Summer League Master


Details: Turn in 4 Summer League Hero Tokens for the Summer League Master


Requires: 4 Summer League Hero Tokens


Rewards: 99 OVR Lonzo Ball (+5 boost to SHT and SPD)


What do you think of the new Summer League program?

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