NBA Offers New Real-Time Mobile Basketball App That Syncs With Live Games

Mobile users may now compete for prizes within the NBA's new second screen app.

The NBA has announced the production of NBA InPlay for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The real-time fantasy competition app syncs with live cable and satellite basketball games being played with a user's TV, supplying them the chance to earn points and win prizes.

Here's the whole rundown of how the app works per plus the Google Play Store:

- NBA InPlay automatically recognizes the audio associated with a NBA game on cable or satellite. If there's an NBA game on TNT, NBA TV, ESPN or ABC, you'll be able to turbo improve your experience with this app.

- Choose a game and team to experience. Select one player per quarter and obtain points using their company performance. Who do you choose? Whatever player you predict is going to put up numbers!

- The better your player performs, a lot more points you get.

- Activate turbo mode to obtain points from all of team members, plus even higher points from the player.

- Compete against your pals or other NBA fans.

- Rise up the leaderboard and win official NBA prizes.

For an entire schedule of upcoming games that will work with NBA InPlay, just click here! NBA InPlay is available for iOS and Android devices throughout the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store. Beyond their new mobile second screen app, the NBA also recently broadcast its first live 4K basketball game from the US. The Ultra HD broadcast featured the Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz and was presented through DirecTV on December 3. DirecTV promises to announce additional 4K Ultra HD NBA broadcasts inside future.

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The next season of NBA LIVE Mobile will be coming soon
The next season of NBA LIVE Mobile will be coming soon

The next season of NBA LIVE Mobile will be coming soon, on opening night, October 17th


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How to Prepare for NBA Live Mobile New Season?

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