MU Legend's Open Beta moved to November 2017

MU Legend released a post yesterday on facebook which informed MU Legend fans that MU Legend's Open Beta would move to November 2017.


MU Legend Open Beta


In this post, a spokesman of MU Legend called Pierre Vandenbroucke announced that a recent decision was made between all stakeholders involved in our game project to delay the OBT release for three months. This is to say: MU Legend OBT will happen in November instead of September, as originally planned.


Three reasons for delay are listed in this post.They are as follows:


First, feedback from Korean version is not so good. Korean version of the game which is already and the essential feedback made the official reach a logical conclusion that they would need to re-arrange a few features and balances, and adjust our release roadmap.


Second, the official put fixing prblems at first place. They said they do not want to simply postpone the fixing of current known issues that they are able to fix for the OBT version of the game. They always set a high standard for localization work which takes timke. 


Third, they want to provide the best game experience. They said they prefer to continue our commitment to quality instead of rushing the remaining development work, which would risk watering down the overall gaming experience that MU Legend will offer.


The MU Legend team also asks for players' continued support for three more months. They promise to deliver a vibrant and memorable in-game experience.


In fact, we can see that the mojor reason for OBT' delay is bugs in this game which are badly needed to be fixed. The news would must let down those who are looking forward the game for a long time. But the only thing we could do now is waiting for three months and expecting the better game.

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