MU Legend Bug Reports

MU Legend Bug Reports


I have experienced the both two beta versions of MU Legend. Still get some bugs shown below:


- I feel like kiting is a bit difficult. When a boss stops to hit you, you move out of the way in time before his attack animation starts, but you are still hit with an attack. Sometimes you even teleport out of the way and still get hit.


- Character movement could be a little more responsive.


- When you are previewing items in the quest journal, sometimes the preview screen can get out of screen bounds. This can be seen in the wings quest.


- In the first rift, the first boss before entering 2nd floor can knock you inside of a wall, making you unable to move.


- Required level information is incorrect for most of the rifts in Hall of Duty. It always shows "Recommended level: {{ your level }}", even if you are below the requirement.


- Massive fps drops in combat with multiple players and many monsters. And also in crowded cities. FPS also drops over time.


- Very unfair arena matching. After my first victory, all of suggested opponents were 120K+ CB, while I was 70K CB.


- Kanturu Mechanical accessory set does not have any bonuses/abilities listed.


- Cannot move while meteor strike is landing.


- In prison camp floor 1 the first key boss lifted me in the air and I got stuck in the air.


- After finishing altar of spirits I was automatically queued for another altar of spirits and was unable to cancel the request.


In the global beta version of the occasion, We hope it could be able to repair, and bring the player a better experience.

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