Microtransactions Come to Forza Horizon 3

Can’t be bothered to essentially play Forza Horizon 3 to obtain the best cars? Well, shame for you! But, when you really can’t wait to feature your dream car for a garage and don’t plenty of in-game credits, you’re fortunate.

In its latest update, Turn 10 and Playground Games have enabled microtransactions in Forza Horizon 3, which means that you can now simply buy tokens with the real-world money to purchase cars in-game. With prices which range from 79p for 100 tokens to £83.49 for 20,000 tokens however, it’s certainly not a cheap option.

One token implies around 500 in-game credits, so an auto that costs 1,000,000 credits in-game is likely to cost you between £8 – £15 depending on how many tokens you purchase at once. Is it well worth the convenience of without needing to earn 1,000,000 credits by playing the action? I’ll leave that so that you can decide.

It ought to be noted that in case you find the microtransactions intrusive, you may disable them so they no longer offend you. Not bad, eh?

Personally, I’d suggest you only buy the car pass. For less than £30 it will give you access to six car packs each containing seven cars. That’s 42 cars overall, and a lot of them are very special indeed, such as Aston Martin Vulcan.

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