Crowfall Developers Reach Funding Threshold

Indie developer ArtCraft Entertainment have announced they've reached their minimum goal to guarantee the success of these Title III, Regulation CF crowdfunding campaign. The campaign has reached the threshold required for the newly launched investment portal with and

“As an unbiased game studio, finding new avenues for funding your titles could be both challenging and frustrating,” explained president and executive producer at ArtCraft Entertainment Gordon Walton. “We are satisfied to pioneers in computer game crowdfunding, following up our massively successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 having an investment campaign with Indiegogo and”


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ArtCraft would be the team behind Crowfall, an MMO game by which thousands of players undertake the roles of kings, queens, assassins and mercenaries of their quest for power, of what is called a “Throne War Simulator”. What sets Crowfall aside from standard MMO games is each server representing an individual “campaign world” hosting a distinctive map, which consists of own rules along with a limited lifespan. Following the duration of a few months, a campaign will finish with an individual guild or alliance conquering the map, where the characters will collect their spoils before trying out the next campaign.

“Indiegogo is actually a game-changer for that industry. Until now, funding sources for games were on a traditional sources, like computer game publishers, VC firms and accredited angels,” J. Todd Coleman, ArtCraft Entertainment CEO and Chief Creative Officer added. “Now, individuals who're passion about your vision can invest in your company, this means new chances to bring that vision one's.”

The equity raised may go towards ArtCraft’s already impressive fundraising history. The developers have raised in excess of $10 million through crowdfunding, with multiple rounds of non-public financing along with a licensing agreement with Travian Games GmbH to use the game over the continent of Europe.

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About Crowfall information
About Crowfall information

Crowfall is an upcoming MMORPG game developed by ArtCraft, described as a "Throne War Simulator". with the camera in a third person view with the player allowed to go anywhere. Where it differs is in the game's world system. There will be five systems of worlds, also known as campaigns. The systems will be "Eternal Kingdoms", "God's Reach", "The Infected", "The Shadow", and "Dregs", each with a different set of rules dictating them.


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