Warmane - Add-Ons to Improve Your UI + Extras

GM2V Date: Jul/19/18 10:04:09 Views: 2950

How can you set up your user interface? In a way that I think is quite clean quite tidy and doesn't require a whole lot of add-ons. I'm going to be going through just the main ones and I'm not going to be going into much detail in regards to how they are set up.



The first add-on on my list is called shadowed UF. Shadowed UF is what I use for my targets, my focus targets as well as started to target every. Bit of party you're targeting unit frame that you can think of, it's a unit for a modification as you can tell by the name and very much like Excel you get a 3d portrait but unlike spells.


It doesn't look like a messy cartoon replacement of your standard unit frames, it's customizable which means that you can do things like this, you can move pretty much everything around that you can imagine. In my opinion, it's very clean and simple looking and it's one that I recommend if you want to maybe spice up your user interface a bit. If you don't want to modify your unit frames and you just want to move them around, you can use an add-on called move anything and this allows you just to select any part of the user interface, and move it or resize it as you wish.


The next add-on I'm going to be talking about is one called Razer Naga. I don't really have a reason for using this over bartender, it's just a very simple action bar modification, the add-on that removes the stupid things. on the side that the normal Blizzard action bars show and allow you to put bundle all the action bars together and make it much cleaner. In my opinion, much more tidy another add-on that you might notice is the modifier.


For the mini-map that I use this one, in particular, is called a sexy map terrible name but it is what it is pretty straightforward, this allows you to modify your mini-map. There are a number of templates, I use the blue square color templates, you can increase the size or decrease it. I just keep it at the standard one, I don't really do too much to it, but if you think that the normal mini-map looks quite boring, this is a nice option to go for and there's not much else to it.


Another add-on that you might notice is this chat modification add-on called chatter all. It really does for me, at least, is you can remove the opacity, you can change the font size and of course, like the gnome lizard chat interface, you can just move it and around customize it. It's a fairly standard fairly simple and I don't use it for anything other than just removing the opacity and resizing it to fit.


In my bottom left corner, I'm using this priest for the next demonstration of this add-on, you'll notice that I've just used paint suppression on it. You'll see that there is a cool-down left of 2.8 minutes, this is using an add-on called eisah and you can see on the bottom right corner, I've placed it over here. It will allow me to see when certain targets have used their main defensive or offensive cooldown. So if I use bladestorm or if somebody else uses bladestorm, you will be able to see how long.


It'll take for bladestorm to be usable again or hammer of justice or revenge in wrath or divine shield or any add-on or any cooldown that you might want to look out for, so it's very useful and simple. I highly recommend especially if you do arenas, then you will have seen is an add-on called sand more alert, this lets you hear when certain enemies use a certain cooldown. So it could be offensive and defensive


Dist goes for Pain Suppression bladestorm shield-wall stuff like that divine shield pretty much. Any major cooldown that you can think of it's not going to tell you. If you use to charge or if the priest uses penance or flash of light or anything like that another couple of add-ons that I'm briefly going to mention Gladius super important super essential arena add-on. If you do arenas, it gets Gladius don't even ask what it does just get it and you will see why and deadly boss mods.


If you do a lot of battlegrounds, I highly recommend that you get this as well, because it shows you timers and when towers are going to be completely contested or controlled or destroyed or whatever word you want to use very useful. We would love to hear your thoughts on the game and make sure you go over to our Hot Sale where you can buy Warmane Gold for a low price!