U4gm Community: How to Make Money in TERA

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U4gm Community Provides Comprehensive Make TERA Gold Guide, as described below. Players can use the method that suits you to get more gold. As the game continues to update, these guidelines are updated continuously. Besides, the U4gm community also provides TERA with the latest news, valuable guides, and welcomes the long-term attention.


Doing Quests

Quests are offered by various NPC faction members, who will be rewarded for their effort with various rewards such as money or items.

Joining A Guild

A guild is mostly a group of people joining together to play with the strength of the team to accomplish higher goals. Being able to achieve these goals means that the characters get more rewards such as XP, gold and other resources.

Killing Monsters & Bosses

Monsters and bosses hunts are a fun and challenging way to collect gold and XP.


Take full advantage of your class's abilities. Just like you are advised in life to do something career-wise that will make you happy, you are encouraged to choose a money making technique that you will enjoy.


Tera provides six crafting skills (Weaponsmithing, Focus Crafting, Armorsmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Alchemy). This makes for a very diverse and uniquely challenging way to make some gold and items.

And more!


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U4gm tera gold guide


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