Making Tons of Warmane Gold With Enchanting

GM2V Date: Jul/03/18 09:58:26 Views: 3460

I want to show you how to make gold with enchanting. When you hit 450 with enchanting, the first thing you want to do is go to Vanessa cellars and buy up. All of these formulas for enchanting, there's about two or three of them that don't sell well. Once you know those formulas go over to the auction house, make sure you have the add-on auctioneer and type. In slash, rock space gets all that, this will do is a full scan of the auction house in about two minutes then open up the skillet,  make sure you have the add-on little Sparky's workshop. What this add-on does is it shows you on the Left column, what the going price is for all the scrolls and on the right column it shows the cost.


Making Tons of Warmane Gold With Enchanting


That's a pretty good profit make sure that the mode that you have it set on is auctioneer minimum buy out. So that it's showing you what the cheapest scroll is, that's currently up on the auction house now depending on how much money you have made one of each scroll starting. At the top of the list and going down until you don't have enough money. Once you have everything to dub that you want to make skillet shows you a shopping list of all the materials that you'll need. So just go over to the auction house and buy that up.


I use another add-on called auction ATAR to do all my buying. Go over to the mailbox and pick up all the mats. I have other Scrolls that I've made and made a profit on. We're ready to put them on to violence, head back to the auction house and using appraiser from the auctioneer. You can post the scrolls that you have to make sure that in between the time that you were crafting them and that you're posting them that someone else didn't post one very cheap. Let those auctions go on for a while, and hopefully, you've made some sales.


In that macro, we're going to put in the item. The number of all the scrolls that we know are good sellers and make a profit. If you open up the skillet and you just click on the macros, it will queue up any Scrolls that you are out of stock on. So this is great because you just open up skillet click your Q's and whatever is sold the previous day. I will stock back up on so you can just put it back. On the auction house without having to think about it


You're going to use quick auctions for the scrolls that you sell. All the time this step does take a little bit of setting up, but once you have it set up, it's you never have to touch it again. For example, for my enchant weapon exceptional agility, I added the item here and in my auction settings, I have it set to post three individual ones whenever I go to post the lowest price. Thank you guys for reading. I hope this guide can help you effectively.