How to Trade Warmane Coins in

GM2V Date: Jul/20/17 05:53:55 Views: 2470

The Warmane store allows users to buy items for coins, as well as buy and sell items for coins with other players. How to trade Warmane coins in, this article can help you:


1. Please login your account in official website firstly.




2. Then click "Trade"




3. Now you need to select character which you want to sell. 




4. Click "Item Trade"




5. Click "Sell", then you can place items and fill in the amount of coins you buy in




6. The last step is to fill up your order form with character name, auction item name, and buy price.




When your order's completed, we will send you a confirm email to your paypal email address. please check and confirm with the coins you have received.

Reminder: the coins we provide in game are exclude the tax.