How to Prepare for FIFA Mobile New Season?

GM2V Date: Oct/04/17 22:21:50 Views: 1204

FIFA Mobile is one of the football stimulation games that were developed by EA Mobile. Ever since its launch in 2016, the audiences have loved it across the globe. Therefore, people who love playing FIFA should gear up as the brand new season of FIFA mobile is coming up within few months. A lot of new features have been included in the game, which makes it unique, exciting and better than the previous version. A list of the features involved in FIFA Mobile and how you have to prepare for them before hand are mentioned below:


FIFA Mobile New Season


Campaign is one of the features that are introduced in this version of FIFA Mobile. It has transformed the single player experience into a better one. The players have to play in a confidently and carefully as each progression in the game will lead them to campaign that will help them earn extra rewards and get new players. In order to prepare yourself for all types of campaigns, you must make sure that you complete the list of pre-season plans that includes Hazard, Aurier etc. 


Another feature is that of training, which means that under the new season the players have the option of training players and hence they can create their own team on this game. They can then use their team to compete with different teams at different levels. The players have the option of training the players at all levels, which includes bronze, gold, silver, elite or master. In order to make sure that you are prepared for the training process, try to complete the pre-season plan before the actual game is released. 


The new game has a list of events in which the football stimulation process can be used effectively. A lot of previous events are coming back along with a list of new events. List of events include events like team of the week, domination, scouting, daily warm ups etc. The exciting feature that has been added to the games is that there are specific events that are live and different event stores and plans will be a part of the events. In order to make ensure that the progress you exhibit in the game is up to the mark you need to complete the pre-season plans like that of baines, thiago etc. 


Moreover the aspects you need to prepare yourself for is that if the players download the new season it will automatically reset the team and all the players that were a part of it. It will reset your coin balances, token inventory etc. Want to get more coin? Choose us, get FIFA Mobile coins to start a new season! #1 FIFA Mobile store! 


Apart from this, the users should know that once they reset their game or download the new season, few aspects would remain in the game. The FIFA point balance, the league in which you play and the unlocked users logo. Each season of FIFA tends to have different rewards than the previous year hence the players should not have any sort of higher expectations.